Actors or Real Users of Medical Product?


I doubt Shirley and Mary are customers  of tryinogen respiratory oxygen company. I believe it was Shirley, in the pink sitting next to her husband sipping wine with Mary in this TV advertisement, who was depicted toting around heavy oxygen canisters in market places in order to breath. Her condition was probably a lung malady like emphysema.

Shirley “was converted” by Mary to electric oxygen generating device peddled by I believe the name of the device is the INOGEN Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

There was never any disclaimer that the two elderly women were not actual users of the product or whether they were paid actors. The item is advertised as intelligent delivery of the life sustaining gas which indicates it is not as potentially wasteful as medicinal oxygen cylinders.


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  1. My cousin is not well because of hernia operation performed by a doctor who had just completed medical school. He thinks it has something to do with rusty or dirty mesh. Has anybody else had this happen?

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