Advertised Image Versus Reality


I want to contest the review of a guest who lodged at the Sugar Hill Harlem Inn. The gentleman appeared to have a personal grievance with either an employee or the owners of the New York Guest House.

The following review was posted in April 2009 which was a long time ago. The Spokane, Washington poster was clearly upset as evidenced by his hurried misspellings of refrigerater, archatectually, accomindations, and blantently. There were some renovations and staff changes in early 2009 which may explain some of the reviewers harsh criticisms. The reviewer has to be aware that all advertising is inherently deceptive to some degree!

First of all don’t believe any of the pictures.Imagine instead walking into a dirty entryway to someone who is clueless as to who you are(I agree the hotel staff is not particularly professional).There is no breakfast to speak of and you get the distinct impression that the slovenly owner resents that you would put him out to fix it.”Oh you want to eat let me see what I can scrape out of my refrigerater.” The rooms are archatectually pleasing but that’s where it ends.Dingy threadbare towels,refrigerator with someone elses leavings in it,old soap and shampoo also left by past visitors,threadbare sheets,dusty floors, and a clueless owner more enthralled with himself(the owner was a humble and pleasant man when we spent two nights there) then the running of his establishment.We had planned this trip for quite a while and while we enjoyed the city the accomindations were dismal.The website is so misrepresented it’s too bad this person couldn’t be prosecuted for blantently false advertising.


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