Aggressive Home Security Salesman


The Vivint van you see below is part of an aggressive campaign to maximize their home security market share in Roswell, Carlsbad, Hobbs, Ruidoso, Alamogordo and other cities in south eastern New Mexico.

A Vivint sales rep knocked on our door one Saturday morning and was much too forceful for my tastes. Even when I politely told the young man we were not interested in their home security system, he persisted even telling me our next door neighbor said we would be interested. I mentioned to the aggressive sales agent that we had NOT even met our next door neighbor. This did not phase the blood-thirsty salesman even though I had caught him  in an obvious lie. He continued to prevaricate until I shut the door in his face.

I did some research on Vivint, formerly known as APX Alarm Security Solutions Inc, and found that they are eager to get you in a long-term contract and will not let you out even if you move out of your home or are foreclosed upon!

They have been known to prey upon the elderly or those who are not mentally adept enough to read all the fine print and special conditions in their hard to read contract. They are pros at getting people to lock in on a long term contract and then not letting them out even if the service is not working properly.

Vivint Van
Vivint Van



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  1. Pay heed to the Steve Wolfe home security door-to-door sales caveat emptor scam article in The roswell daily record. Wolfe, well known for his indefatigable neighborhood watch efforts, mentions the unethical sales tactics employed by young college students trying to create an exorbitant payday during summer vacation. These little punks prey on elderly and non English speaking citizens. Do NOT open the door for these unscrupulous vultures who are likely saddled with unbearable student loan debt.

    1. Aggressive Vivint door to door home security salesmen troll through Bella Vita across from NMMI golf course in Roswell too. They ring your doorbell. If you choose not to answer, they continue to knock on the door hoping you will answer. We had a slender Hispanic male knock on our door for over 2 minutes! We never answered and could hear him cursing in our doorway as he stomped off in disgust. Our high resolution ADT security camera got his badge number and we reported it to Vivint Corporate Office Headquarters, 5132 North 300 West Provo, Utah, in writing. They replied via email stating punitive actions, possibly leading to the dismissal forceful salesman, are being considered.

  2. An 83 year old woman residing at the corner of Washington and West Bay Meadow was duct taped and robbed after she answered the doorbell. The TV cameras showed her home with ADT home security sign in front yard. The burglar read it carefully before knocking on front door

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