Another Unwanted Solicitation from A Predatory Lender


We receive countless letters from OneMain Financial  composed by Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan who apparently resides in Roswell, New Mexico. She even changed her name one time in another letter she mailed to us. All her letters have included $6000 loan certificates that look a lot like a $6000 check made out in your name.

At the bottom of the letter, she indicates that you can choose to stop receiving “prescreened” offers by calling the toll free number 888-567-8688.  Our entire neighborhood NEVER chose to receive mail from loan sharks to begin with and now we have to shred unwanted mail that ends up in our mail box!

All you have to do is Google OneMain to see the financial havoc lenders like OneMain have caused. One of OneMain’s mission statement elements is Focused on you and your needs. OneMain is actually much more focused on charging high interest rates and then harassing their borrowers when they fall upon hard times due to job loss or medical emergencies.

They know that they will not be able to collect on many of the predatory loans that they issue, so they charge exceedingly high, if not unfair interest on the folks that are actually paying their loans back.

You are better off doing without or moving to country with lower cost of living than borrowing from OneMain. After they are done with you, your credit score will suck and your life will be even tougher.

OneMain High Interest Rate Loan snail mail solicitation
OneMain High Interest Rate Loan snail mail solicitation

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  1. We called that phone number to stop OneMain from harassing us with unwanted mail which we have to shred and dispose of. It did not help. Lujan of Roswell keeps sending high interest rate loans that ruined our neighbors credit! I may call police if they don’t stop!!!!

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