Are You Confident About That Backup Actually Restoring if Necessary?


The following was a question posed to Computer Pro and Guru  Leo. A. Notenboom. The question is important to all who store financial data, pictures, work related files, recipes, calendars, schedules, the many passwords we all rely on in today’s complex society, email archives, etc.

The question proposed to Mr. Notenboom:

Is there any way I can check out my system image to see if it will be able to be restored before I use it do my spring cleaning and reformat my hard drive?

Due to the proprietary nature of Mr. Notenboom’s service, I could not legally post the answer here. I have a special interest in the backup question because I have not figured out whether to trust a place like JustCloud which is an online way to backup your valuable data. Over time your data becomes much more valuable than the hardware it is stored on!

JustCloud let me store a small amount of data “for free” and then told me I would have to pay if I wanted to do a complete backup of my laptop. I decided against this and each day I would get the usual annoying pop up with a price reduction. I chose to uninstall the JustCloud app on my Vista operated laptop AND they tried to keep me by offering to back up all of my data for only a dollar a month!

The problem I have with that method of marketing backups is that people who just pay whatever the initial fee is for the backup are getting RIPPED OFF big time. I don’t know if one can really answer the question: Is it better to backup locally/externally or offline? It is an exigent question that must be answered. Another way of looking at the enormity of the question is what would you do if your laptop vaporized?


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