Avoidance of the term Artificial on Food and Beverage Labels


Trying to discern the truth from grocery store labels ┬áis not always straightforward given the inherently deceptive nature of advertising. Let’s start with what the phrase home brewed taste might mean as seen on the Gold PEAK Tea label as seen on the shelves of a Walmart Super Center in south eastern New Mexico, probably ┬áRoswell or Hobbs, or it may have been a convenience store in Las Cruces. I guess this means that anybody who took the time to brew their tea at home would necessarily do a better job than some mass production brewing method.

Also one of the labels states Raspberry Flavored with other Natural Flavors. How is one to interpret this faintly misleading statement? Is it only the other flavors that are natural OR is it understood that the tea is also naturally flavored by Raspberry?

It appears to me that the ambiguously worded tea labels are because the brand Gold Peak is trying to avoid using the word artificial which is considered an unhealthy adjective by many consumers.


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