Baby Bumps Equals Real Estate Leverage


This Lee Taylor Realty commercial really tapped into the nesting instinct a pregnant woman has as the birth of her offspring approaches! This Albuquerque NM USA real estate company definitely produced a baby-centric advertisement with a young couple carrying their newborn through a home being shown by a VERY pregnant, bursting at the seams real estate agent.

This got me to thinking that an agent eager to earn a much needed 6% commission might wear a fake baby bump to induce some insincere bonding with the young mother who, of course, has massive influence on husband’s choice to get a mortgage on their dream home. I think most women can sense fake belly protrusions, so be be careful with them Buddha bellies all you ravenous  real estate folks.

I was reminded of the United Kingdom product Moonbumps whose big markets are  stage and screen performance, advertising and retail. A less common motivation for appearing to have a bun in the oven is to strengthen emotional bonds if your are contemplating surrogacy or adoption.


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