Be on guard in Car Salesman Negotiation Booth


The two overweight women you see in this picture across the table from the car salesman were not too concerned about the interest rates or other aspects of the financing.

This is quite obvious as they are both far more engrossed with their smartphones than what the Krumland Toyota car dealer is doing on the computer. My guess is he notices their inattentive behavior which will likely result in a higher monthly payment because of their lack of financial wherewithal and vigilance.

Car salesmen are notorious for not being forthcoming with respect to deceptive tricks like baloon payments, affect of credit score on monthly payments,   unnecessary warranty extension plans, and unneeded EWU and GAP insurance.


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  1. That looks like the Toyota dealership in Roswell NM on the highway to Ruidoso. They always have treated me and my husband fairly I think, but we never negotiated with them since we won a half a million dollar lawsuit for being discriminated against in work place. They called us beaners and spics and our lawyer kicked ass. The boss was in on the racist comments and harassment, so it was easy case to win for our attorney.

    So my point is we did not try to Jew them down any. We may have bought our Tacoma from the salesman you see in the cubicle. I am sure he loved us cuz we never asked him to come down on price or nothing. He almost seemed pissed we paid cash.

    That is a picture of Tom Krumland who is a fine god fearing Christian man and loved by the city. He has been married to same woman and is highly respected member of community. I remember reading about a younger woman and her husband trying to smear his good name with accusations of scurrilous extramarital affairs. I believe they were both found guilty and his reputation was cleared.

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