Business attempting to profit from intercession of God


We received another unwanted email from a Christian matchmaking website that stopped just short of saying they would use the power of the holy spirit to get me laid.

Yes, ChristianMatchmaker is in the business of connecting lonely singles through faith. I was just wondering why single Christians of faith did not directly pray to the good lord for finding that special someone to say the nuptials to?

This would make it unnecessary to have to pay for a subscription/membership to a for profit Christian business that appears to leverage some sort of proprietary agreement with God Almighty.  Man!,  that is some kind of major competitive advantage to have God on your side.

Me, I would just talk to God while I was on the crapper to see if he could hook me up with the right one. If he thinks that is the right thing for me, then there is no need for ChristianMatchmaker to turn a profit by finding someone who I might fall in love with when I can just privately pray in true Protestant fashion for a more genuine healthy relationship.

Read the thoughts penned by Jonathan Merritt, of the Religion News Service, who also seems agitated and disgusted that profiteering in the name of God goes on unchecked and unquestioned.

Christian Matchmaking website with the competitive advantage of God on their side


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  1. I think this is the same business that sends out emails with the subject line:Every Relationship Starts With a Date. When I was a senior at Baylor in Waco,TX, many of my relationships started with rough sex with drunk sorority girl in frat house with one guy taking pictures to prove initiation requirement for fraternity was met.

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