Capital One Credit Cards Whipping Up On Bank of America


Most of us have read accounts of the callous nature of the Bank of America towards its customers and employees. Jack Mitchell, a former Black employee, filed a lawsuit against the banking monolith for NOT practicing inclusion, in particular not allowing him to serve some of the wealthier White clients.

I have two credit cards with Bank of America with a combined credit limit of close to $20,000. I have not used either of the cards for over a year because I found a superior cash rewards Master Card with Sam’s Club.

However Bank of America sent me a great Balance transfer offer with zero percent balance transfer fee and 0$ APR for 15 billing cycles. I applied to pay off a car loan balance and all seemed well with the world. I expected a quick approval as my TransUnion credit score is 810.

I was mildly shocked when they rejected my application stating they needed to see my Experian credit report which I have frozen. I once tried to thaw my Experian credit file, but they demanded a ton of documentation despite the fact they had issued me a PIN for easy unfreezing! I have since bought a nice home and a couple of cars all with lenders who do not require the approval of Experian.

To summarize, Bank of America did not issue me their Visa Balance Transfer card even though I had close to $20,000 credit limit without a single late payment AND had been with them since 2005.

As you can see below, Bank of America will close my account due to inactivity. Good riddance! I know I will immediately shred all future offers from them as Capital One, who prudently does NOT require Experian, offers better service and products anyway.

Bank of America cancelling high limit cards due to inactivity


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  1. Doctor of credit guru William Charles points out that capital one does not require Experian credit report.

    Many US consumers have reported Experian makes it almost impossible to reactivate an account customer has frozen due to identity theft concerns.

    We told our car lender we would walk if they required an Experian credit report for a credit approval. They found lender who were fine with equifax and transunion ONLY. Experian’ s draconian policies and inconveniences they impose on borrowers will soon sink the Allen, TX company!

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