Cruel, Hard sell attempt by Eyeware Company


Executive Optical doing business as an eye care and fashionable eyewear company in the Philippines is playing some serious hardball as evidenced by the advertisement involving an ATM that you see below.

The EO ad portrays a woman in her fifties holding up a long ATM line where each of the younger people in the queue are glaring at her in their own caustic way as she fumbles with how to insert her debit card correctly into the ATM.

The EO employees ,who masterminded this tasteless and egregiously offensive attempt to lure in the 50 and over crowd, are not particularly intelligent as the probability of line with only one old person is quite low. Moreover, nobody in the line is using their smartphone.

Also, the ad’s claim that ALL people age 50 and above suffer from poor eyesight is patently false. EO is attempting to exploit folk’s fear of embarrassing situations caused by poor eyesight rather then focus on genuine concern for the eye health of potential clients.

Hopefully, only the most ignorant and trusting among us will be duped by such an insensitive and callous attempt to turn a profit.


Philippine eye care company mocks the poor eyesight of 50 year olds
Philippine eye care company mocks the poor eyesight of 50 year olds

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  1. Did you hear about the Laser Surgery case filed against EO by London woman Stephanie Holloway? She was trying to meet the vision requirement for the police force I believe. She had a photo-refractive keratectomy done and claimed the procedure made her extremely light sensitive and did little to correct her myopia. Not sure what the outcome of the litigation heard in the Central London County Court was.

  2. We sent $300 USD to Manila via a WalMart MoneyGram. We marked that the recipient at a MoneyGram outlet in Antipolo City, Philippines RECEIVE MONEY IN USD. The attendant disbursed the funds in Pesos unlawfully taking a cut. Recipient of funds has legal right to get paid in USD and convert to pesos at another location. This is easy to track from anywhere in the world and either the attendant is crooked or the entire staff. They will soon be either shut down or fined for illicit conducting of their business. Please comment if you have faced the same unethical actions.

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