Do not be deceived by Burial Insurance Ads


Got this┬áBurial Insurance Provider advertisement via email today. The ad slogan was Think ahead, get burial insurance before it’s too late.

I wonder how many people are actually persuaded by such a senseless argument. It reminds me a little of a hard sell guilt trip life insurance ad on a Roswell NM Farmers agent Facebook page.

The ad showed a little girl standing in a cemetery next to her father’s tombstone implying that her and her mother were in bad financial shape because deceased daddy had not purchased term life insurance policy.

Cremation is less expensive and the option selected by more and more these days. Don’t cave in to insurance louts who don’t give a damn about you or your family and are just trying to collect a monthly income stream from your hard earned paycheck.

Finally, do not be lured in by their claim that burial insurance could help you save. You save a helluva a lot more by NOT buying any!!



Burial insurance joke
Burial insurance joke

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  1. We got ripped off by Carter & Valle Law Firm in Albuquerque NM. So our homeowners insurance did not honor a legitimate claim for significant hail damage which created multiple roof leaks and costly water damage. We ended up being hit with out of pocket costs close to 40K.

    A lawyer from Carter & Valle Law Firm promised us 90% of that for a reasonable fee. Their attorneys did not get a dime from our crooked insurance company and still charged us over $2500 in fees and hourly rates!!

    We refused and they said they would send us to collections and ruin our credit score.

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