Don’t touch penny stocks


The picture you see below of a teenagers perfect rear end in skin tight jeans with hundred dollar bills in her pocket above her prominent buttocks is an advertisement for trading penny stocks. Day trading has been shown to be as addictive as alcohol or sex. Since purchasing penny stocks is a form of legalized gambling, it is quite easy to see why associating the image of a perfect ass with day trading would be alluring to young aggressive males who are often the personality type that lose a lot of money gambling their life savings away. When we were in NYC, we saw Jen Selter all over the place working out in Times Square, Central Park, even leaning up against bar in subway train leaving every mouth agape. We watched her video where she plays it up as being surprised at all the attention her ass is getting. I wonder if she has made it with any of the professional athletes in the the city that never sleeps?

So as much as you might want to squeeze or pat or just touch this young teen’s rear end, don’t touch penny stocks! You surely do not want to rob your kids college fund, declare bankruptcy, or have your home foreclosed upon? Buying penny stocks can lead to this and other financial hardships.

BTW, Sexual addiction can be dealt with in a  much more healthy fashion by just attending a college female volleyball game. You can get plenty of Rocio Laura booty looks for free without stooping to the online pornography level.

Perfect round tush ad for penny stocks
Perfect round tush ad for penny stocks

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  1. Does anybody know if Wayne Weldon
    Independent Chairman of the Board of Ecrypt (stock symbol ECRY)has gone public with his long term views for companies prospects? There was a huge runup from about 12 cents per share to 50 cents recently. Then a precipitous one day drop off back to about a dime per share. Was it all a big pump up by day traders or did it have something to do with intrinsic value of company?

  2. Is this the same as ECRYE ECRYPT TECHNOLOGIES? We took a very COLD SHOWER with these guys. I am not sure if they were behind the fake pump-up that spiked stock price briefly. I do know they don’t pick up the phone or will hang up on you if you want to get to the bottom of their stock plummeting.

    Here is their contact info:

    2028 E Ben White Blvd Ste 240-2835
    AUSTIN, TX 78741-6931

    Phone Number
    (866) 204-6703

  3. Were you guys shocked when Manhattan Scientifics stock symbol MHTX did not exhibit any more buy pressure after it got listed on Australian Stock Exchange? It is now a debt free company with a doctor free cancer detection device. Why didn’t it move more than 20%

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