Enterprising Roof Repair Charlatan


We received this unsolicited email for a hail damaged roof repair  from a gentlemen named J. Haylee who appears to be the businessman who owns Enterprise Roofing.

We found a number of reputable firms with this name including Enterprise Roofing & Sheet Metal Co., Dayton, OH, Enterprise Roofing Service Inc in Concord, California, and Enterprise Roofing Contractors. 500 s Polk Street Suite 2. Greenwood , IN. ALL THREE  of these companies have solid reviews and good reputations with their customer bases.

However, we found nothing about a Mr J. Haylee regarding a Roof Replacement Update. Mr Haylee stated in email that he had reviewed our residential information and that we were qualified for a money saving roof replacement.

Here is how we know Haylee is a scheming, cheating liar. Our house is brand new and there have been no serious hail storms in the area for over 5 years!!!!! This crook even made up a name that rhymes with Hail. What a punk. Please do not be suckered in by scum like this!

Fly by night shingle roofer scam hail


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