Express Loan Certificate from Maria Dolores Adelina OneMain Financial


Quite a while back we received an unsolicited, unwanted letter from branch manager Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan of OneMain Financial. Today we got a similar correspondence, this time, from Maria Dolores Adelina. Wonder why she only signs with 3 names rather than 4? Perhaps a divorce? Not sure.

Maria assures me that all I have to do is call and I can pick up $6000 before lunch! What a caring, loving, thoughtful person. She works in an office next to Radio Shack near the Roswell Mall and realizes that since NM ranks last in poverty and education that there is an abundance of ignorant people who will take her up on her offer.

Again, I want to stress that I did not seek out a loan from her. We have been receiving her solicitations for the last 9 years! We have to shred every one of her letters so it can then waste space in the local dump.

Read the letter that you see below carefully and note that no mention is made of interest rate you will be charged or the special insurance you have to pay them. Be sure and ask Maria to carefully explain what the purpose of the insurance is. On the back, in relatively fine print,  it states that if you are approved for a loan, the actual loan amount(NOT $6000) and the APR will depend heavily on your credit scores. Most people who have even set foot in places like OneMain already have low credit scores or they probably would not be there. Much like the people who borrow from Pay Day loan places. So if you are borrowing from OneMain, your APR will be sky-high and you will be getting slammed hard with exorbitant interest payments AND it is very unlikely that you will get the maximum loan of six thousand dollars.

So  the $6000 check looking thing that you see is much like a mirage. You see it, but when you actually go to OneMain it disappears!

Letter from Maria Dolores Adelina of OneMain Financial
Letter from Maria Dolores Adelina of OneMain Financial

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  1. You must live in Roswell, because we also get unwanted payday loan mail from Maria Dolores Adelina. It used to be from Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan, but I think her husband got tired of having his good name associated with loan sharking. You can’t have it both ways, all that money she makes off unfairly high interest rates helps to pay her mortgage and car payments!

    1. Kristi L. Lueras is the new branch manager at the loan shark place in Roswell NM.

      Advice: Bend over before you talk interest rates with Kristi. That way when you get cornholed the second time, it will be tolerable!

      All across the United States, One Main destroys the reputations of the poor souls who accept branch manager positions.

      People remember the names of those who have ripped them off and ruined their credit scores!

  2. Maria helped me pay for my Mom’s funeral or she would have ended up in an incinerator at city crematorium and I would have no lasting memory of my beloved mother. Sorry maria that all these fools are putting you down. I needed you and you came through. I appreciate the break you gave me on the interest rate. Love ya sister!

  3. My wife borrowed money from One Main Financial in Albuquerque without asking if it was OK with me. I got laid off my job and we are screwed now! They call my wife at work trying to collect and hassle me even though I could not control my wife taking out the loan. What the hell am I gonna do??

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