Extended Warranty Solicitations Rarely Legitimate


Nick Pappas, writing for the Albuquerque Journal, provided an invaluable eye-opening and money saving service by alerting his readership of the prevalent extended vehicle warranty scam besieging inattentive car owners these days.

He shared that one of his colleagues and his wife regularly receive automated phone calls from  undisclosed  companies alerting them that the warranty on their cars has expired while offering an opportunity to extend it for a “fair price”.

Snail mail followed containing urgent sounding language containing phrases like  “Request For Immediate Action – Time Sensitive Material Enclosed”, “Important,” “2nd Attempt” and “Please respond within five days.”

A similar snail mail fraud attempting to induce home owners into purchasing an overly expensive copy of their  home deed is also in circulation. The deed to your home is easy to get at a nominal fee, if not for free, at your title company.

I implore all of you in the politest possible terms to NOT be suckered in by these overt ripoff schemes. A sucker is born everyday. Do not be one of them. You suck the lifeblood out of these lowlifes by being alert and not giving them a penny of your hard earned money!

Law enforcement has cleaned up some of the exploitation, sentencing Darain Atkinson to 8 years in prison for heading up largest warranty extension “company” in the country, BUT the predators still lurk.



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