Fake Checks from Car Dealership


My nephew used to live in Roswell NM, USA which had a Toyota dealership on the Ruidoso side of town on the same highway that took us to that wonderful resort town about 110 kilometers West of Roswell.

He purchased a reliable Corolla in 2014 that the dealership wanted back from him about a year and a half after he purchased it.  So he walked into the dealership armed with $1000 trade-in check, which you see below, from a gentlemen named Billy Sills.

Toyota Dealership in Roswell,NM USA trying to lure in suckers with fake checks

Mr Sills called this “check” a lease/purchase incentive, but nephew still paid $3100 more than the MSRP for a Camry! That’s right! Even after subtracting the ONE K, my gullible nephew still got ripped off as you Americans like to phrase it. Part of that is his fault for not being more financially savvy, but just be careful Roswell citizens.

BTW, the actual salesman who nephew dealt with ignored him in the grocery store a few weeks later. Also the only reason they would be sending out such a misleading promotion would be their used car inventories are LOW.  Just let the piranhas starve to the point they start feeding off of each other. The way you do that is NOT set foot in their dealership. You can buy cars online without having to ever be face-to-face with cheating charlatans.



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  1. Good advice to not go to Roswell Toyota. They have a long history of dishonest employees and sales staff. Turnover is extremely high there. Fewer and fewer walk-ins due to deceptive practices you mentioned.

    The $1000 check is complete BS! They will just charge you an extra thousand or more on the price of the car. They also lie to you about how low your credit score is so they can charge you a higher interest rate. We could not get a straight answer from Frank Coombes about how much our RAV4 was gonna actually cost us. He kept talking about negative equity, but could not even tell us what it was!!

    With that fake check or even fake car key, they are just hoping to get you in the door and hope you are stupid enough to fall for their weak act! Don’t go there. Lubbock or Albuquerque is a better chance of getting a good deal.

    1. Billy Sills has sent us a ton of promotions begging for 2015 vehicles. Every time we have called, the pretty receptionist told us Billy was in a meeting. I think he was buds with Sandia High School graduate Jeff Capps. Most car salesman probably have criminal records. Now they sell cars to steal from people legally. HaHahehehe

      Just remember Billy spends a lot of the money he suckers you out of to play on the best golf courses in the world! He will Jew you down on your 2015 Corolla and then sell it for a $2500 markup. Don’t give them your business. El Paso and Lubbock are much more competitive and honest than the lowlife salesmen at Krumland.

  2. You know I don’t get all the bitterness and anger you have against Roswell Toyota and their friendly, courteous and thoughtful sales staff. My cousin got 6 out of 7 numbers in power ball lottery winning enough money to pay off his mortage and buy both of his kids cars with CASH.

    They guys at Krumland gave them a great deal and did NOT CHEAT THEM. I can promise you that. You need to chill and quit acting so angry dude! Billy Sills is an honest cat who cares immensely for the financial health and well being of his valued customers. Not a bad disc golfer at Enchanted Hills course either.

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