Financial Predators Exploiting Public Information


Public information is free and relatively easy to access, but everybody remembers the old adage about what something free is worth. Yup, you only get quality when you pay for it and in many cases not even then.

We received yet another unsolicited email from an entity that calls themselves NM Digital Mortgage Coordination. The email stated there was an important residential update for the property at our home address which they had freely obtained from the county public records office. We financed our home many years ago with a fixed rate of 3.4% which has saved us a ton of money in interest payments! So we are not interested in paying a refi fee to an unnamed lender who hides behind an email address.

It went on to further declare mortgage interest rates are fluctuating upwards and that residents are rushing to lock in on a low rate or refinance at a lower rate. At risk borrowers(yup the ones that caused the subprime CRASH) have to borrow at adjustable rates due to the likelihood of them defaulting.

So NM Digital Mortgage Coordination, TJB Media LLC, address Los Angeles, CA(Sorry for your loss Hillary Supporters), is hoping one in one thousand recipients of junk email will refi with them. The reason: A big fat refi fee which would be around $2000 for a $150,000 home.

So a little more about the nature of the public information these opportunists prey on. The following is a paraphrased disclaimer from the county of Midland in the great state of Texas(Thanks for helping us defeat her Lone Star State!!):

The County Clerk’s Office maintains a public records web site as a public service. Information here is collected, maintained, and provided only for the legal access of any public user. We can NOT guarantee the information is accurate or authentic. The County Clerk waives responsibliy for any error or omission which might occur in these records. This, of course, means it would be next to impossible to sue the city of Midland for damages  based on information they have loaded into their data bases.

Understand this is not diatribe against the county for storing and publishing public info. It is more about limiting access to financial predators which means the county has to amp up their security measures. I know this would be a cost to the tax payers but ……….

Financial public information trolls
Financial public information trolls

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  1. Sort of related to Midland County putting up disclaimers to avoid litigation, Chrystal A. Snow challenged a supposed $9,000 debt in a Dallas County Court-at-Law and sued the debt collector for making harassing phone calls. She won! Her lawyer Ross Teter was paid around 30% of the 8.1 million dollar settlement I heard. Thats about $2,500,000 for the aggressive counselor. His kids won’t have any problems with unbearable Student loan debt.

  2. Financial advisor and writer Laura Agadoni would disagree that the digital mortgage process is even close to a scam. You do not have to be face to face with loan officer and all loan documents can be easily uploaded to get you started on a low interest rate loan.

    Laura, writing out of Houston Texas, has a vast amount of experience and acumen regarding landlord tenant disputes. I believe she is a certified mediator for certain types of financial battles which saves many people tens of thousands of dollars keeping greedy lawyers out of the loop.

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