Free AD&D snail mail solicitation raises some red flags.


An overbearing letter from a man named Brian Werger was the contents of the brown envelope you see below. At the top of the letter was the rude and impertinent command to SIGN and RETURN an accidental death and dismemberment CMFG insurance policy. The “no-cost” TruStage policy is hedging that one will select additional coverage that they can auto draft their premium out of your Chaves County School Employees Credit Union account.

We got a similar pushy advertisement from a gentlemen namedĀ Frank E. Cain who apparently was fired or quit from the same company. On the back of ad, insurance agentĀ Brian Werger tells potential customers confinement in prison is a possible punishment for those who falsify information in the application.

So Brian, I doubt you have any better luck than Frank on the signature you requested on the front of the envelope. You should have majored in engineering, law, or accounting in college for a more marketable skill than selling insurannce. Insurance sales people rate just a little higher than car salesmen.

You are just hoping and praying for that bank account routing number that you can suck money out of with very few folks filing claims for cut off fingers, arms, or legs. I had a friend who was an actuary, so best wishes selling your policies to somebody else dude.


Roswell NM credit union tricking its customers to buying dismemberment insurance


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  1. A colleague purchased Cumis Insurance Society policy from Werger while he was working in Utah I believe. It dealt with workers liability compensation if I recall. Not sure if he purchased it through a credit union.

    Now that I think about it, it may have been in Wisconsin where Catherine Walsh-Bratton,Jeffrey Steinhauer,Bradley Reitzner,Bonnie Skindrud,Georgene Pomplun,Ann Merklein,Andrew Lesar,Jonathan Laventure,Susan Kempfer-Weeks and many other agents peddled policies for Prudential, State Farm, Humana,SunAmerica Annuity, etc.

    1. Brian Werger, of the Trustage Insurance Agency in Madison Wisconsin, has been aggressively snail mailing us too! Some how or another the Chaves County School Employees Credit Union released our information. We contacted, I believe it was Valerie or Valery, in Roswell NM USA. She did not really want to talke about it, but I think they are selling out their long time credit union members.

      If you read this Brian, you are just wasting a bunch of paper. The credit union you are scavenging from pays their account holders dirt for an interest rates. Credit Unions are getting slaughtered by 1.5% interest rate online banks.

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