Full Page Newspaper Ad going after Health Care Facility


I do respect the law firm of Wilkes and McHugh for being relatively transparent and forthcoming about the full page advertisement they placed in Roswell Daily Record. The top line of the expensive ad declared in large prominent letters This is an Advertisement.

In this age where lawyers swarm like piranhas regarding nursing home elderly abuse, one has to be quite cautious  about the professional virtues of sincerity and honesty. Mission Arch Center is a Genesis HealthCare facility who specialize in ShortStay care and LongTerm care.

The law office of WM, apparently, has carefully researched an enumeration of deficiencies  practiced/not practiced at the Mission Arch Center. Among the list of cited deficiencies are theft of patient property, not having a doctor as a medical director, not allowing patient to be involved in his/her care plan, infection/sepsis, unexplained death, bedsores, unsanitary conditions and a lack of properly skilled nurses aids, and not properly maintaining prescription drug intake records(one of the reasons many of our citizens of age are in the assisted care establishment)

While there might be merit to some of the claims made in the full page advertisement, understand that most law firms want at least 35%(more than one third) of whatever settlement is reached after lengthy and stressful litigation. It is possible that your loved one will be six feet under if and when the legal wranglings are resolved.

Also remember most small town newspapers live off of ad revenue, not circulation subscriptions. See that rubber band that kept the paper wrapped in the driveway? The import here is newspaper ownership has been known to turn the other cheek regarding the public service their ads are providing the community.

Finally, appropriate credit and recognition directed to Melanie Bossie, Esquire who created and designed the content of the advertisement.



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  1. WM is a credible group of extremely ethical and effective attorneys. I detect a faint comparison to the unprincipled better call Saul type of immoral counselors.

    It is almost like you are equating WM with Interstate 25 advertising car crash legend Ron Bell who has many skeletons in his closet

  2. RIP Karen Kay Mobley daughter of William Dale Weeks. Thanks to reverend Tina Cross of Methodist Church force touching service. Karen’s passing at mission arch center illustrates the devastating nature of addiction.

  3. Madeline Cadman, who lives in Tohlakai on the Navajo Reservation, states a home care service provider ripped her off. The home care service provider owes her $40,000 in upaid wages. Her lawsuit is a wage-theft claim.

    I believe there are other Native American Gallup, NM residents who have been exploited by fraudulent payroll schemes.

    I am not sure if she was part of suit initiated by Jose “Pancho” Olivas, who was a plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against the state Department of Workforce Solutions over how it handles wage theft complaint.

    I would like to know what percentage of the settlement lead attorney Elizabeth Wagoner received.

    Also, from what I know about Santa Fe Bar and Grill owner Robbie Day, many of the filed wage theft complaints are valid. The business owner appears to owe fromer Caucasian, African American, Hispanic employees a lot of unpaid wages! DO NOT SCREW AROUND WITH SOMEBODY’S PAYCHECK DUDE!!

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