Gestapo Tactic Sears Credit Card


Did you know that Sears Credit Card services can lower your credit limit for lack of usage? What I mean is that if you decide to NOT make any purchases with your Sears Credit Card for an extended period, that they can arbitrarily reduce the upper dollar limit on your allowable purchases?

Let be a little clearer. If you look at the account notice that we received from Sears, you will read To keep your credit limit form being lowered due to inactivity, you must make a purchase or other transaction by the end of February!

I want Sears to know that I just shredded our card with our brand new Ativa paper shredder which we purchased at Office Depot at a much lower price than Sears could offer. And you guessed it, the ridiculous account notice you sent us was eagerly fed to the shredder and has made its way to the recyclable bin near Red Lobster in Target parking lot!

Finally, I learned form a Sears employee that their credit card has a maximum total amount of credit that can be issued for all credit cards. So if cardholders are not using card, then Sears will try to issue cards to someone who will thereby taking away the credit of inactive but qualified card holders. Also Sears lowering your credit limit will LOWER YOUR CREDIT SCORE, so dump them before they damage your credit worthiness!

Sears Credit Card's spending limit can lowered for lack of use
Sears Credit Card’s spending limit can be lowered for lack of use

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