Grievances Against Life and Health Insurance Companies


The following is a list of paraphrased grievances against various insurance companies whose names will be blotted out. Many of the complaints involve honest hard-working people who have faithfully paid their health or life insurance premiums only to run into insurmountable resistance and/or red tape when filing claim:

1. My stepchildren lost their Father . He had a $125,000.00 policy through Blank. He had other policies through other companies and the adult children  are beneficiaries on all the policies. The copy of the policy we have does not enumerate the beneficiaries and when we contacted Blank they told us that they do not have to speak to anyone unless it is a beneficiary and they will not deny or corroborate who are the beneficiaries on the policies. The funeral home had a copy of the policy, filled out all information and submitted the info along with the death certificate.This company will not acquiesce and honor the policy.

They refuse to correspond with any survivors regarding the policy. Based on the nature of the other complaints, I would wager that Blank has attempted to withdraw the monthly premiums from the closed bank account and will maintain that the payment cycle has lapsed thereby invalidating said policies. The devastatingly sad part about all this that makes me extremely angry is that Blank has large group of high paid lawyers that will quash our every attempt to collect what is ours! They know we can not afford to pay a lawyer to go up against their “top of law school class” mercenary lawyers! Not fair!



2.  I had a Blank Life Insurance Policy for close to 10 years that was automatically paid each month through a withdrawal from my bank. In 2008, I withdrew some of its value and lowered the monthly payments to just to hang on to the policy which Blank agreed to. I was told at that time my premiums would increase a little each year without any explanation as to why. Early in of 2009, Blank didn’t execute the automatic payment on the usual date and lapsed my policy stating they had sent me a notice in late 2008 that my policy would lapse unless I sent an additional $1207 by February 2009. I never received any such correspondence from Blank  email or snail mail!

Eventually they lapsed/terminated my policy charging unfair surrender fees.

My policy is no more. I’ve worked on this problem all year disputing and providing additional proof that they wrongly terminated my term life policy. I have no leverage against Blank. The company watchdogs itself and no external audits are ever done in behalf of their customers. I am 71 and have no policy now to provide for my husband and family when I die. I had planned carefully and never missed or made a late payment. Their actions overtly constitute elder abuse!

I was recently diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic, so I wouldn’t pass a health exam for a new policy. Payments were never missed or late yet Blank claims a letter of notification was sent to me. I have every statement/notice they ever sent me for over ten years and that particular notice, falsely claiming I owed them more money, is missing. They never sent it and know I can’t afford an attorney to prove it just like the above complaint laments!

I have wasted all that money in premiums for all those years plus the surrender charges. It is just outright abuse for which I have no resources. Blank does what it wants callously abusing their powerless customers. I should have dropped them long ago after seeing all the guilt driven advertising they were doing on TV and Facebook.


3. I checked in to hospital recently with my hemoglobin level down to 5. My normal level is between 15 and 16. I was given a blood transfusion which slightly elevated my level to around 6.5.

Upon release from the hospital, I was being treated by my primary doctor and waiting for my hemoglobin level to increase before having him set up referrals to get more tests done. I abruptly received a notification from Blank that I would no longer be able to continue with my primary care physician!

I appealed multiple times and appeal was rejected in all instances.  They had the audacity to deny me the use of a doctor that I trust while I am in the biggest health crisis of my life.  Their actions are unconscionable and class action litigation may be the only way to put these people out of business or have them change their ways.

Blank should  have allowed me to get my hemoglobin levels back to normal with my very competent and caring primary care physician. I dropped Blank because of  all of this along with the fact that their low paid customer service is awful. I spoke to about 10 different people and when I finally got to the right person they disconnected or hung  up on me. If they hung up on me, I understand because I was yelling and screaming by the time I talked to tenth non American service rep 🙂


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