Healthy Marriages as they relate to Credit Cards


It is well known that personal finance is one of the leading causes of marital discord and even bitter and divisive divorces.

My wife and I win against credit card companies by having a joint MasterCard account with a credit limit of $12,000. We charge everything including cable and Internet bills. We rarely spend cash and usually carry no more than $20. This helps us to track all our expenses. We also make around $600 a year off of our master card cash rewards by paying off our entire balance every month! We have not paid a penny in interest or late fees and are probably among a very small group of Americans who make a profit off our credit card company contrasted with the tens of millions who are buried in credit card debt to the point of bankruptcy.

Below is a list of 9 credit card transactions, including a $2400 payment in full, each made by one of us. We see what each other is spending without any secrets between us, unlike some marriages where couples are spending behind each other’s back.  Also our credit card statement serves as a valuable monthly expense report which is a crucial budgeting aid. Finally paying on time and paying cof all your charges in the billing cycle amps up your credit score. Don’t give crooked credit score companies like Experian a chance to ruin your life.



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