High Interest Rate Loans for School Supplies


I learned that Prestamos is Spanish for loan on post card advertisement you see below for lending money to poor, underpaid school teachers and parents for school supplies.

Midwest Finance and Income Tax Service(Roswell, NM) timed their mass mailing of high interest rate loan solicitations to line up with beginning of RISD school year.

How do I know the interest rates are high? Midwest did not mention they were low which any ad would publicize if that were the case.

The loan range is $100 to $1700, but I would NOT Llame 575-622-5552. You School teachers can do the math!

High interest rate loans for school supplies roswell NM, Midwest finance


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  1. I am first year teacher in Roswell. Husband bailed on me and I was stuck with many unforeseen expenses! I called Midwest for a $500 loan, but first asked them for interest rate. They ignored me and tried to get me to do the application process. I had to ask them 3 or 4 times before they told me the interest rate for applicants with the best credit scores was 78% !!!! I wish the school district would help us out here. 78% on 500 dollar loan is almost $400. Damn!!!!

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