Home for Sale by Owner


Have you every wondered why so many homeowners bypass the service of realtors or real estate agents?

Many naive folks trying to sell their house believe  that they and the realtor have the same goal in mind, which is to sell your property for the maximum dollar amount possible. Nothing could be further from the truth. The owner of the property wants to sell at the highest possible price. The agent  just wants to sell it even if multiple price reductions are necessary.

Why would this be the case since the higher the price the more the realtor will earn on commission? The answer to this question has to do with selling the house quick. The longer the house is on the market, the more cost to sales agent for inspections, advertisements, yard maintenance, etc.

From a mathematical perspective, 8 homes sold at reduced price will net the greedy real estate professional more than 4 homes at higher price. Read the work of Marisa Wright, who is a property investor, for more on the sleazy, shady, and immoral sales tactics of some real estate agents.



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  1. This is sort of related to Nikelle Murphy’s assertion that Zillow Is Overestimating the Value of Your Home. I have proof that Zillow is not reliable. Our 4 bedroom 1900 square foot home in Roswell, NM has a Zestimate of $330,000 while a nearby two story home with 2400 square feet and a much nicer high-end interior has a Zestimate of $285,000!

    Zillow’s proprietary algorithm does nothing more than check the number of times you click on your own home address!! Our daughter clicks it everyday and our Zestimate keeps going up in the Sorrento Subdivision constructed by the French Brothers in Alamogordo. YOU CAN NOT TRUST THE Zestimate!!

  2. I was amused and confused at the commentary of realtor John March who resides in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina:
    “Real Estate agents have a real problem regarding the public’s accurate perception of their profession. This is because a salesman almost always puts their self-interest above the potential buyer’s best interests.”

    I found it odd that a realtor would criticize the very profession that puts food on his table and money in his children’s college fund?!?!

    Also Mr March oddly invokes biblical scripture (Ecclesiastes 11:11) in a way that very few of us could possibly make sense of!

    I would be curious what
    Roman Udvornocky,Stacey Macioszek,Joan Sambucino,Tracy Santosuosso,Darrell Finch, and Maria Skrip would think about such self destructive denunciations of their livilhoods?

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