Home Inspectors and Realtors: Partners in Crime


Many homebuyers do not realize the crucial function of having a competent and truthful home inspection professional determine any foundational, electrical, plumbing, structural etc. problems prior to closing. Homeowners are typically not forthcoming about any surprises or issues as they obviously want to sell their house at the highest possilbe value.

An example of the extreme costs and inconveniences that can transpire if one hires an incompetent home inspector occured when a realtor selected an inspector employed by the business Golden State Home Inspection in Sacramento, California.

The first red flag is that the homebuyers were not suspicious about the selfish interests of the realtor who just wanted her 6% commission and would prefer an inspector who would not report or identify any home defects that would dissuade buyer from purchasing it.

That is exactly what happned when NO problems were identified and buyers trusted the word of the inspector who apparently was bonded by Golden State Home Inspection.  Problems cropped up when the homeowner tried to sell their house about two years later.

The new  buyers used their own third party(not the realtor’s)  credible home inpsector who discovered significant electrical , fire hazard, and possible plumbing issues.  It was very clear that the realtor’s inspector two year ago had intentionally overlooked and not recorded these serious home defects. It’s  common for realtors and home inspectors to work in collusion or cahoots to deceive potential home buyers into believing they are puchasing a fit domicile.

In this case, around $7000 worth of repairs had to be executed before the duped home buyer could sell his property. BE on the lookout for this type of untruthful and dishonest practice. Do NOT ever use inspector who pals around with the realtor. Realtors will smile and tell you how cute your kids are and then laugh all the way to the bank after you sign on the dotted line!

Read the fine work of JB Landers who lucidly enumerates the concerns and conflicts of interest that can happen when home inspectors are unethically aligned with ill-intentioned real estate agents.



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  1. Hilary Rowland describes how NYC realtors make money hand over fist the higher the turnover rate is.

    Layching Quek(she even told us to find our own independent home inspector for our condo!), Rory Fiedler, Catherine Pabatao, Ali Arciniega(cool zero pressure agent), Mark Quesada & Shaun Kravat(cute gay couple who work well as a team and are completely upfront about fees, closing costs, etc)

    So, these Chicago real estate agents are all exceptions to your claim all agents are in some kind of collusion with home inspectors and title companies!

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