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This Childers Brothers Inc. advertisement/coupon was found in the Roswell Daily Record. These guys have been in business for 35 years. Everybody seems to advertise how long they have been in business these days. Problem is how many readers could really verify if the Childers Brothers have really been in business that long? Maybe they have, but they could put about any number they wanted to in the ad.

Southeastern NM is characterized by shifting soil which plays hell with home foundations leading to cracks in the foundation, adobe/stucco walls , brick walls and even the interior walls of your home. The Childers Brothers offer the service of House Leveling and Foundation Stabilizing. Their coupon will deduct $100 from the cost of this hard to perform task.

My big concern  is how in the world would anybody level a house without lifting the house off the foundation with maybe a very high-powered helicopter?! So while the house is suspended in mid air, I guess some big time dirt and concrete work would be transpiring to level the foundation and then fix the cracks.

Problem is that even if this impossibility could be pulled off, the clay based soil in Artesia, Carlsbad, and Roswell will continue to wreak havoc on your home’s foundation. More power to businesses like the Childers Brothers if they can pull off a challenging job like foundation stabilizing, but I would sure want to found out how they are gonna do it because it sounds like they could potentially make things worse rather than better.



Home Foundation Stabilizing Advertisement
Home Foundation Stabilizing Advertisement

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  1. I worked for Dominion Homes and they used Childers Brothers a few times. I think whatever they did helped to stop the cracks from happening.

  2. Jim Manatt write letter to editor of Roswell paper attacking stucco as the building medium of choice in downtown area. Manatt, an apparent historian, favors turn of the century brick claiming it can withstand the fury of blizzards like Goliath.

    The less apparent reason missive was written is that he is a realtor who would like to sale some more expensive brick buildings.

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