How much of Asbestos Exposure Trust Fund do the afflicted actually get?


A concern of any person or group when involved in litigation is how much of the settlement do the lawyers get? The email solicitation you see below appears to have been composed by a law firm who is more interested in the amount of cash in asbestos trust fund, than the actual well being of the “injured consumers” who were exposed to the substance that has been linked with various types of lung cancer.

The email indicates that if you or a family member has been diagnosed with this potential life ending disease, then you may qualify for a piece of the 30 billion dollar fund set aside for victims of asbestos. This last phrase is a knockoff that it was a conglomerate of lawyers who are behind this type of broadcast email.

Very few of those who have been exposed are victims in the typical usage of the term. How many landlords intentionally did not maintain their properties purposely trying  to victimize their tenants. A similar statement can by made regarding the principals of old school buildings, proprietors of restaurants, and owners of sports venues.

None of the above mentioned scenarios victimized anybody. Perhaps they were negligent in not properly maintaining their property, but one can NOT characterize their actions as criminal.

To put my point in a much clearer perspective, do you believe you would receive mass emails like this if a cure for the cold had been discovered? NO, of course not, lawyers are drawn to large sums of money much like flies are attracted to excrement.

Finally, I suspect the counselor you retain would get more than half the settlement amount. If you choose to go this route, be sure and get the lawyer’s fees in writing as most of them have no concern for your well-being. This Breaking Injury News-Help for Injured Consumers missive should also parenthetically read even more Help(big payday) for the litigators employed at the law firm.

Hopefully not lost in all this negative lawyer commentary, is the fact their are plenty of hard working and honest lawyers who will fight for you and charge you a fair fee AND who would never associate with the overt Money Grab that you just read about.

Finally notice the urgent time is very limited portion of the advertisement. Does this sound like the lawyers really care about your well being OR are they trying to rush potential clients into an unsound decision without properly considering the alternatives or feasibility?

How much of 30 billion asbestos trust fund ends up in the pockets of attorneys
How much of 30 billion asbestos trust fund ends up in the pockets of attorneys



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