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The spate of alleged free credit score reports continue unabated as we received yet another lie from MyScore promising us instant access to a dated TransUnion credit score.

We were suckered in by the same entity a few years ago and will never use them again.  They ask you for your credit card information after about a five-minute online form filling out process.

We did end up getting a free credit report and credit score but not without many hassles. The credit score was an old not up to date TransUnion score who are bad about not updating your account in a timely fashion.

Here’s where the trouble with myscore begins.  We tried to cancel the free trial subscription.  Their phone system made it difficult to talk to a live person .  It was also difficult to cancel the free trial subscription online. So they continued to bill our credit card monthly despite the fact we were not using their overpriced service.

We had no recourse but to call Master Card and have them terminate the monthly charges. We reported MyScore to local better business bureau.

Related is the evil acts of Experian who will not allow you to unfreeze your credit score online or over the phone with a PIN.

Read this account of a gentleman who got back at Experian for making it impossible for him to communicate with them over a significant grievance he had with their policy.

Also did you ever wonder why you have to pay anybody for your credit report, credit score, or history? Does not seem fair to me that companies should be able to profit from your financial history.

Deceiving advertisement from MyScore regarding availability of credit score
Deceiving advertisement from MyScore regarding availability of credit score

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