Insurance Agent Attaching Flyer to Residential Doors


Jerald Yingling or an employee of his attached this insurance solicitation to our front door. This insurance and financial services agent hangs his shingle or does business at the address 200 west Hobbs street in Roswell NM.  He ignored a do not trespass sign and woke up our granddaughter who he wants us to buy a life insurance policy for.

We look at a guy like this as no more than an intruder on our property that forces us to dispose of his trash in the form of an unwanted advertisement.

This Farmers Insurance agent also attempted to get us to purchase life insurance for our grandkids based on the fake Holly and Tom juvenile life insurance scenario you see below. Don’t ever buy anything from anybody based on “inspirational story” written by them.

No that is not Jerald in the picture. The guy you see in the picture is an actor who was a prison gang leader in a movie titled Oz a while back. We know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two.


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  1. We knew a lady who declared bankruptcy to get out of credit card debt. She became a financial advisor for an insurance company. WTF? how does that work. You prove you cannot manage your own money and then get hired to charge other people to manage theirs. Jeez Louise

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