Irritable Tour Bus Employee on Hollywood Walk of Fame


The dude with the beard standing near the Donald O Connor star on Vine Street in Los Angeles CA , USA had just aggressively stuck one of his Hollywood Dream Tour brochures too close to my face.

The employee, named Marco or DeMarco I believe, raised his voice after I told him to not approach me. I asked him who his immediate supervisor was and he became more angry and agitated calling me out in front of his colleagues who also used high pressure sales tactics to sell $59 tours to the homes of movie stars.

Some of them get very close to tourists placing solicitations near their faces similar to sex industry employees(porn slappers, often illegal immigrants, often called tarjeteros, or “card workers”) in the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The terms on the brochure suggest Hollywood Dream Tours is not liable for misbehaviors or misrepresentations made by street salespeople of service they provide, but that is false and they should vet their commission collecting workers VERY carefully!



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  1. Veronica Pamoukaghlian, MA writes about something that might be connected to your grievance with the Hollywood Walk of Fame card worker who despite working at a poverty level job, could be afflicted with pathological narcissism or NPD(narcissistic personality disorders )

    Thanks to Ronnie Solan for her illuminating prose on this pervasive ego driven affliction.

  2. Actress Julia Roberts rejected her star despite being nominated. Ms. Roberts, who infamously worked Hollywood Boulevard as a prostitute in Pretty Woman, has been nominated for a star Multiple times but has declined to accept due to the way she earned her money accepting a role as a hooker. Yeah right like that is a horrible sin. Star placement boss Martinez has a spot saved near Frederick’s of Hollywood just in case.

  3. The Cleveland Indian pitcher Trevor Bauer has had some clashes with these scamsters who hassle tourists who just want to enjoy the stroll down Hollywood blvd without being hassled by people like the bearded punk in picture. The UCLA student never finished his engineering degree after growing up in North Hollywood. I think he wants to hook up with lady Gaga.

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