Is Declaring Bankruptcy worth Reduction of Your IRS Tax Bill?


I was raised to pay the IRS whatever I owed them. After all, our tax dollars maintain roads, bridges, and other important components of USA infrastructure.

That is why I was shocked to see the following tax10000 TV commercial  allowing scofflaws to pay ONLY a small fraction of their IRS bill!

One unaccountable United States citizen owed the government $87,000 but reached a settlement of only $3,500 apparently negotiated by I heard that you may have to declare some form of bankruptcy to avail of their service AND their fee usually exceeded what the broke taxpayer settled for. This, obviously, still saves delinquent taxpayer a lot of money, but kills their credit score or any possibility of securing a home mortgage.

See the list below of actual tax owed compared to what debtor actually paid IRS.


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