Is this pill for diabetes or weight loss?


Everybody is fighting for their tiny share of the weight loss products and service market especially in the United States which is a haven to extremely poor and extremely overweight people.

Big Pharma has a death grip on so many of us who are trying to make critical decisions about our health. They put out deceptive commercials about the effectiveness of drugs that they must sell to keep their stockholders  happy.

I was appalled at the truth I discovered about the “weight loss” drug Trulicuty which is actually a diabetes drug with the common side effect of nausea.

Now we all know that one stricken with nausea has a diminished appetite which,of course, will lead to weight loss for those suffering through the unintended effect of this diabetes treatment. BUT, how many rational people would hold nausea to be an appetite suppressant?

What is more shocking, some pharmacists have endorsed this diabetes medicine as a weight loss option! Carrying this specious logic a little further, indicates anything that causes nausea would be a good weight loss treatment.

Trulicity(really called the more repulsive sounding dulaglutide injections) sounds like a gentle concatenation of the words True and Simplicity. Pharma commercials will do anything to deflect your attention away from the poison they are duping you to ingest. Eli Lilly is just hoping they can push enough of their legal drugs to turn a profit before lawsuits start rolling in.


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  1. Since you are talking for profit medicine eboni Squirewell becomes germane. Ebony started with good intentions, but the telemarketer for cancer patients was tied to CFA telemarketer admins getting 90 cents of every DOLLAR donated!

    Hope Squirewell got leniency for blowing the whistle on the sociopathic CFA brass!!! Also the TV Program American Greed gave her a payday for telling the truth about her scumbag employer. Put that voice to work for a radio station baby!!

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