ITT Tech makes more profit off their Students than the Students earn in Salary


The following article printed in the Houston Chronicle and written by Jim Greenberg in 2006 discredits the online criminal justice program passed off on unsuspecting trailer trash who wake up everyday to ITT Tech commercials  lying about high paying jobs that really are not available.

To add to ITT Tech’s list of infractions, ITT Tech under the watch of Director David D Champlin was investigated for records falsification by the Federal Government around 2005. Champlin went through about 10 deans during his tenure as the director of this for profit school that valued retention more than educating their students. Champlin knew that around ONLY 1 in 20 ITT Tech grads found gainful employment AND that most ITT Tech CUSTOMERS would not finish their programs of study and end up with an enormous amount of debt. Champlin, who fancied himself as a Christian, was eventually fired as director of ITT Tech.

It does not take too much Googling to find out how much ITT Tech Sucks or how many people are pissed off at being up to their neck in debt and STILL DO NOT HAVE JOB. I really do not know how anybody with any integrity at all could work at ITT Tech and be able to look at themselves in the mirror. I have heard that some of the senior instructors there make over $60,000 a year! The place is a RIP OFF, preying on ignorant trailer trash and other unsuspecting souls. WARNING WARNING WARNING, do your due diligence before enrolling at ITT TECH. After graduating from this for profit school, it is unlikely you will have increased your income AND you will be about $20,000 in debt!!! Read Fake Colleges for more depth and breadth with respect to exposing “colleges” like ITT Tech and Everest College. Everest like ITT Tech is NO LARGE Mountain, but only a puny hill scamming trailer trash and poor people with no place to turn.

Do you really want to be poorly trained at a corporation that emphasizes bottom line profitability? Read this finance column that touts ITT Tech as a business that gushes CASH! Very little of this cash gets reinvested in educational improvements and infrastructure. When you sign up for an “education” at ITT Tech, investors benefit and you get screwed.


There are five major reasons that should dissuade you from attending an online
criminal justice program offered by ITT Tech. They are:

1. Accreditation:

ITT Technical Institute is accredited by ACICS. While ACICS is duly registered
with the federal government as such registration is mandatory, it is not one of
the eight regional accrediting (RA) bodies that are funded by the US Department
of Education and authorised by it to grant accreditation. As a result credit and
degrees earned at ITT Tech are not recognised by most employers and by most good
schools having RA accreditation. For example, most good schools will not allow
transfer of credits earned at ITT Tech?s criminal justice program.

2. Under Justice Department investigation:

The ITT Technical Institute?s school of criminal justice has come under criminal
investigation by the US Justice Department. While the Justice Department
admitted in June 2005 that so far it has not found any incriminating evidence
against the top management of the school, investigations are still going on
regarding many of the local campuses of ITT Tech. Clean chit or not, the most
important thing is why should an educational institute come under criminal
investigation in the first place?

3. Under SEC investigation

The corporate entity that owns and manages ITT Technical Institute, ITT
Education Services Inc has come under investigation by the Securities Exchange
Commission (SEC). Again, the company has succeeded in getting a clean chit from
SEC but the very fact that it had come under investigation should ring some
warning bells.

4. High Cost

Most former students of IIT Tech state that they have found the institute to be
expensive compared to others offering similar programs. Many current students
also express their dissatisfaction with the institute in this regard as they
feel they are not getting what they paid for. A majority of disgruntled students
realised this fact after they had enrolled and begun their course of study. So,
doing appropriate research before registering seems to be the ideal solution.

5. Quality of teaching

Another factor that goes against ITT Tech is the standard of teachers on its
rolls. This is not confined to any one particular branch or location of the
organization. Many instructors have been found incapable of addressing questions
posed by students or solving certain subject-related issues. It is essential for
the teachers to be good at what they do, since the students here are from all
walks of life with varying levels of intellect and understanding. All those
interested in entering the ITT Tech School of criminal justice should first




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  1. Was there when a guy named joe musgrave was some kinda boss. He was a former police officer I think. Musgrave had a big ego and eventually got fired. He was a very insecure guy, but actually cared for the students. Itt tech was investigated but the charges were dropped. Musgrave never could get the police officer out of his system. he had a good heart but he just was not cut out for that job.

    1. Joseph Lee Musgrave lived in Flower Mound Texas. Not surprised at all he worked at a corrupt criminal place like itt tech. He lived down the street from me on 2410 Colonial Springs Lane in Spring, TX.

      Was a control freak who was insecure about his masculinity and intelligence. He whined about how a Mexican named Vasquez backstabbed him and cost him is job and forced him to sell Insurance for a living. Hehehe haha

  2. A lot of people are concerned about the difficulty of the math courses at ITT Tech. Math at ITT Tech is neither harder nor easier than math in whatever high school you attended. It all depends on the teacher, just like in high school or middle school.

    The math at ITT Tech is sometimes geared to whether your are in their electronics program or their CAD program or whatever. If the math teacher is not getting it across to you, then the instructors for the regular courses sometimes fill in the gaps.

  3. Holley, that is the same Joe Musgrave I knew at expat Brasil club. He was born in Rio and wished he had never came to America. He bounced around a lot of jobs. Got fired from the one at the trade school you were talking about. He did Farmers insurance , got fired from some other for profit school. Dont know what happened to the guy. He never quite found his way. Deep seeded insecurities and self doubt. I felt sorry for him sometimes.

    Are you the D Holley from Lufkin?

    1. Musgrave was a police officer in Dallas before he was hired to manage the ITT Tech Prison. Heard him advising convicted felons telling them that any for profit school like Remington, AIU, Carrington, Phoenix, Devry, will accept you if you can pay for it. They dont care if you get a job he said, only if you can pay them! Musgrave was fired at ITT Tech in Houston for telling the truth!! Joe Musgrave got tired of Director berating him for having low “start numbers” . The start number was the number of victims….I mean students…I mean customers that this retention based monster that calls themselves a school begin each semester with.

      1. linda amadon Was a portly lady married to a guy who bragged about Harvard square. I heard joe musgrave fired her and he was fired for terminating her employment. Joe had latent homosexual tendencies as a police officer in Dallas. Champlin was just looking for reason to lay off a man who fantasized about young male students

  4. Just because a few crybabies do not get a job after they graduate from ITT Tech, does not give you the right to trash the place. I attended the North ITT Tech in Houston. Ask Tamika Roland if ITT Tech Sucks. Ask some of her classmates if they did not find good jobs with their highly sought after ITT Tech degrees. Tamika Roland is one of the most reliable employees anybody could ever expect to hire. She has letters of recommendation from every instructor at ITT Tech to prove it and her work ethic is second to none!

    Get a life! ITT Tech serves a the very vital niche of converting trailer trash into competent employees who can live independently.

    1. ITT Tech loves trailer trash even if they are convicted felons. A felony conviction is less important to them than if you can qualify for the student loan. Their niche is ACTUALLY providing very expensive low quality “education” that might get you a job at Best Buy.

  5. Itt tech is NOT nationally accredited. Do not be lured in by itt tech. They are into retention of their customers, I mean students, so the amount they owe itt tech will be more whether they get a job or not.

    Itt tech may be regionally accredited in certain areas, but regional accreditation is a MUCH lower standard than national accreditation. Their sales reps will lie to you about the jobs itt tech grads are getting and the salaries. Also those itt tech commercials are lies done by professional actors especially the one who was almost crying when he said he was an it professional and “that is pretty cool” as he was fake crying.

    Itt tech is a rip off. Do not go further into debt!!

  6. I read a post at an employment forum that asked: what is the beginning salary of person who done it training program at itt tech?

    A friend works as a IT instructor at ITT Tech Houston north. He wants to quit but can not because he needs the money. Many of the IT grads do not get jobs like the ones advertised on the ITT Tech commercials.

    Those people that you see on the ITT Tech commercials are paid actors not ITT Tech graduates. Do not throw away your money at ITT Tech.

  7. Gary Suydam was a good it teacher at itt tech at Houston north. The school went through a lot of high quality teachers due to lousy admins like joe musgrave and Gabriel Vasquez. People like Suydam and Sammy Baugh had the guts to give the sniveling cry baby students an f if they deserved the grade.

    1. Gabriel Vasquez has been employed by itt tech and Remington College. He should sell insurance since that is where everybody ends up who have proven they can not do anything else.
      Morganti employs former Houston schools Trustee and former Houston City Councilman Gabriel Vasquez as a regional director. District e-mails show Vasquez was involved in the contract negotiations with his former colleagues at HISD and their consultants.

  8. I remember Ms. Richards as the librarian at ITT Tech Houston North. I think she also directs YALSA(Young Adult Library Services Association). I remember her as very curious about everybody elses business but if you tried to talk to her about anything close to being personal she would build a fence 10 feet tall and 4 feet thick. Not sure what her story was but she must have been stung really hard and hurt by somebody! She likes to stick her nose in and listen to the gossip but will not share anything personal about her own life.

    Are you a YALSA Member?
    No (please do not send me information about joining)
    Can We Contact You?
    YALSA can send me a monthly email.

  9. Ask the single mother, Kristen Rafajko, if ITT Tech Sux. She was an attractive MILF who was trained in electronics and I believe she landed a job at around 40K per year in the Humble area not far from the North ITT Tech location. Any school is what you make of it. Do NOT sign on the dotted line if you are not willing to work hard. Fares was a great instructor there. Some of the teachers were weak, but that happens at any school!

  10. ITT Tech rips trailer trash off and is a toxic workplace. Ask a very talented IT professional named Mirabi. In fact itt tech might be a nice working definition of what is meant by a toxic work place. They go through academic deans like women go through toilet paper! The instructors gossip in the instructors lounge and flirt with their own students. The occasional curious, willing to learn, student is quashed by a teaching staff that whines about not being appreciated. There was an older man at itt north who taught economics. This guy would brag about picking up girls half his age and do it around the students who preferred listening to that than what they were trying to learn.

  11. “itt tech molded me into an adaptable, valuable member of society and employee to the corporation I work for”. Would all you naysayers quit your bitching and crying and admit that ITT Tech is a high-end educational institution that the United States could not live without!

    1. omg are you serious!! You’re such a valuable member to society you use bitching as part of you vocabulary to make a point that ITT Tech has molded you as a “valuable member to society and employee”. That’s really classy of you. I bet you are putting your putting your high end education to good use. lol There no doubt that quality technical institutes are valuable to large companies, coporations and the knowledge based economy. But then again The US couldnt live without service workers and imigrants so what’s your point?

      1. There are other ways to get you in the OMG mood. Have you ever been with a black man? I would have that tight skirt off you in no time and itt tech would be the last thing on your mind.

        1. hahha. For all you know I could be a African American tranny. lol I bet that would get you in the mood wouldn’t it. But no all jokes aside I’m not a tranny. I guess I take it as we agree to disagree about the different opinions on ITT tech. lol

          1. That is exactly what I would expect from “a girl named Kay” on the web. I am sorry you were ripped off by itt tech. Many before you and many after you await the same fate.

            1. Yeah I used a very generic name because I didnt want to use my name. But I’m all woman! That’s very true and sad ITT will continue to rip people off. I had even gave them the benefit of the doubt by attending classes online. So it’s so funny that folks are so quick to assume that people are voicing their opinions are disgruntle etc. Truth to the matter is I made great grades and were given great grades. lol so go figure

              1. Let me tell u something girlfriend. It is ok to be disgruntled when you get sold a bill of goods to get a degree That is not worth the paper it’s written on. Itt tech is right on the margin of being predatory. They have been investigated by the Feds multiple times. They are a diploma mill that dangles the promise carrot of a higher paying job right in front of your nose. About the time you realize an itt tech degree is worthless, you owe them around 15 grand!

  12. ITT failed the 2011 visual communication class!Think twice before attending ITT-Tech. I am a ITT graduate Columbia SC campus and attended classes also online. Not a day goes by that I regret making the decision to enroll in the visual communicaiton program. The software for the visual communications program was outdated the instructors were not experts in the classes that they taught. At the time they hired anyone with a bachelor degree to teach courses. I learned nothing that actually helped me in my job as a graphic designer. They failed to cover the basisc! For instance my pritn production didnt even go over or mention how to set up fold lines, margins and bleeds for printed products going to press. And let me remind you that this was print production class. ITT gives all kinds of excuses rather than taking accountability for failing and setting up students for failure. The cost and the education I recieved from ITT-Tech Columbia SC (visual communication degree) was a rip off. They go after veterans, minorities from single parent homes and anyone they feel that they can sell the dream of landing dream job through hands on experience. If you think that I’m just a disgruntle student trying to discredit them, do the research talk to former students and find out for yourself. I dont know how they continue to get away with ripping students off.

    1. A friend was at Houston North about the time Fawzi was there as an academic dean. Fawzi Ben Messaoud, now in Carmel Indiana, had no intention of staying there and moved on to corporate. They were investigated by the Feds for falsification of records including elevated starting salaries for their graduates. ITT Tech dupes and deceives folks who are desperate to get better jobs and improve their way of life, but the reality is that most people who get tricked into going to ITT Tech end up in much worse shape financially than they were prior to enrolling. Fawzi had a bunch of Iranians working there who were good instructors. A white police officer named Joe Musgrave from Dallas took over for Fawzi and got fired I believe. The place was a revolving door of teachers and deans.

      1. I did not know Dr Messaoud was a Dean at a place that had been shut down by Feds. He is now a successful lecturer at Indiana’s premier urban public research university, IUPUI. He was an FBI agent and worked with Jack Welsh. A good guy who cares about his students.

    2. Did you know that ITT Tech runs credit checks on potential employees? I thought you would appreciate the irony of a corporation who can ruin its own student/customers credit scores by building up their debt to pay for the tuition AND yet demands that their instructors and staff have stellar credit histories in order to gain employment 🙂

      1. ah man are you serious. That’s crazy! I cant’ what instructors credit score have anything to do with providing quality education. That’s a sign to me that something in the milk isn’t clean… lol 🙂

    3. Does itt tech need a letter of recommendation in order to be accepted into their institute of higher learning? OMG, Oh My Dear God! ITT Tech checks to see if you have a pulse and if your lips occasionally move when you are spoken to. Oh yeah, your credit score has to be at least average so they can overbill you for the tuition!

  13. First of all you seem to be incredibly biased in your position of ITT Tech. I have a Visual Communication degree from ITT Tech (Columbia SC) and currently taking classes online. I graduated with honors and eventually landed a job in my chosen profession. There are few people in my class that I can honestly say worked harder than me outside of the classroom. I can’t put into words of the horrible experiences that I’ve had at that school. In terms of the flawed curriculum! Which I took the liberty to research the skill sets of the current market and compared it to the classes that were being offered. I then gathered that info and present it to the Director! the end result was that they implemented a new program and phased out the old one.

    My point is that why didn’t someone one the ITT Tech committee or advisor realized that the system was jacked up! When I say that ITT Tech Columbia SC Visual Communication program was a Rip off. It’s a rip off! I can pretty much back up these allegations with valid points and experiences. Facts are facts!

    ITT Tech online is no different. Everything is generated ! I was forced to take classes that I havent taken prequesites for. The course content is outdated! The textbooks are outdated going back to 2004. Now let me remind you I’m a web design student! web standards has changed a whole lot since 2004…

    Once again in a way it’s a rip off, when you see these commericals about cutting edge technology so and hands on experience. Because it’s not that way at all! I’m sure you may care a lot about your students! ITT Tech approach to delivering quality education is ineffective! Students get passed along by instructors so that there numbers look good! Instructors give students grades they didnt make so that they will graduate. That’s why you see so many angry students on here! Bc the system also set them up for failure by passing them along.

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    Getting your website properly indexed in Google can be the difference between $25 a month and $200 a month. You can do your own SEO by trial and error Or pay a professional a modest fee to optimize your site and open it to the entire world.

    Learning SEO at ITT TECH is a waste of money And not the right way to learn it correctly.

  15. ITT Tech students caught cheating. You mean itt tech customers adapting while taking a test? ITT tech goes to great Extremes to retain their customers/students Including overlooking cheating by their customers, I mean students, I mean customers,……

    1. Dave Champlin was a good boss and a decent guy, but he got caught up like all of us in earning money for his family. Unfortunately he hired guys like Musgrave who were control freaks. You can not fault Champlin who is a good man. Most of the people he hired were good people, but Musgrave had an inflated ego and lost his job because of it. A guy like him will bounce around a lot of jobs until he realizes the world does not revolve around him.

        1. It was a female recruitment counselor at ITT Tech’s West Valley campus In Phoenix who was shot. The shooting happened while classes were in session and the for profit degree mill went into a lock down. The shooter had served time for kidnapping and sexual assault.

          Gosh I am relieved ITT Tech does such a thorough job running background checks on their customers….I mean students.

          Drop dead attractive Kimberly Cheng with Everything Arizona provides much more depth and detail in her well written article.

    1. Yeah we did get off on the wrong foot Kay. I am from your neck of the woods, Camden North Carolina area, let’s get together for lunch and you can give me a tour of the fortune 500 company you work for 🙂

      1. Yeah and maybe you can give me a tour of the ITT Tech Durham that you taught at. 🙂
        Where is Camden North Carolina? You still didn’t answer my question of where you are from? You are hilarious!

  16. Oh by the way I’m not impressed on what you think you know. lol You were better omitting that info, because it’s not even accurate. I dont take too kindly of threats! Why so aggressive? Don’t you have anything better to do?

  17. Yep the cops will be waiting too. lol You continue to make threats at me behind a computer, that’s real nice. Stop responding to me!

    Since you can’t I will! Have a nice life! I’m sure you will be thinking about me and this blog all day and all week.

    1. Emilie and Kay,
      I am suspending your posting privileges. Nothing personal. As blog admin, I can not let your little feud interfere with the readership experience of rumination. Again, I don’t care what your individual views are on this topic, but both of you are carrying on in a very immature way.

  18. Thanks! I had unsubscribe to this blog.
    I was tried to contact an administrator of this blog.
    to remove myself,post and gravatar from this blog.
    which I didn’t know I had.

    1. Kay,

      Just so you know, I believe most of what you were saying about for profit schools being exploitative and not really delivering a quality education, but you and emilie were getting a little out of control. I still welcome your first hand experiences with places like aiu and itt tech as long as civility is practiced. Thx much

      1. AIU and ITT TECH should be mentioned in the same breath. They have both been investigated and accused of selling students a false bill of goods. They both run high end marketing campaigns at the expense of developing a strong curriculum. My advice is to not attend either place.

        1. A common question is “what is the earning capacity for itt tech graduates?” The salary of an ITT Tech grad obviously depends on the nature of their training. Their corporate site says the average salary is around 37 thousand dollars per year, but even if that is true your first two years take home pay will be used to pay off the overpriced tuition itt tech charged you.

          You can trust what itt corporate says about as much as you can trust those fake success story commercials they put out! I think a New York Times article said 23% of itt techs corporate revenue is spent on their tv commercials which dupe the working poor into thinking they can dig themselves out of the financial hole they are in.

          If you doubt what I am saying, research the itt tech poster boy Brock Oeize of Kentucky or Wilfredo Siliezar of san diego both probably made more off the commercial they did for them than his first years take home pay for the computer science job he said itt tech job placement found for him. Google both names before you enroll at itt tech.

  19. Great, another for profit school rant site! Whatever happened to those cheesy “I am a Phoenix” commercials ? You know the ones I am talking about where they had some beginning of their career method actor extolling the virtues of the University of Phoenix.

    Their memorized line was “University of Phoenix students earn more than a college degree – they gain valuable knowledge that is current and effective in the workplace. You can learn from faculty who actively work in your field of interest, who can encourage and mentor you through personalized attention.”

    A friend in Houston who briefly attended THE University of Phoenix told me maybe 1 in 10 of the faculty actually know anything that is relevant to the betterment of your career AND that you end up in the same amount of debt as the ITT TECH dupes.

  20. Laura Brozek, an itt tech recruiter, testified about the “asses in classes” and “kissem and sittem” directives of luring in unsuspecting well intentioned students.
    Paroles and convicted felons were given the green light to sign up for the Criminal justice system when sales reps knew these people had no chance of getting jobs in that field.

    1. Went to the itt tech in Kennesaw, GA. Everybody was all into being on the dean’s list. I told those Homies to get outa there cuz nothin but a bunch of debt an no jobs for em.

      1. What is the dean’s list? At a real college it’s a list of the best cumulative grades or gpa in the school. At itt tech in Indianapolis, the instructors give away high grades rather than hassle with the paperwork of managing a failing student. Also the student recruiters don’t want to see students fail since that will cost them bonus pay. So the dean’s list at itt tech means nothing since 80% of the grades are A. ITT Tech is not Harvard where deans list means something. The place is an overpriced degree mill that is not accredited and none of the courses you take are transferable to real schools.

  21. According to Kyle Biggs Laura Brozek is telling it like it is:

    She is telling the truth, I have worked for ITT as well as EDMC. They are all the same, Fraud is the best way to describe for profit colleges. As of 10/17/12, UoP announced the closing of several campuses due to lower enrollment and therefore lower profits. What about the students? After suing ITT (successfully), the problem was brushed under the rug and business continued as usual. They received a slap on the wrist and the director was actually promoted to a high level management position with corporate. I guess it is easier to spend millions on legal fees than it is to correct the problems and operate as an ethical organization. In this economy, it is difficult to walk away from a good paying job but I had to sleep at night and I know what I was being asked to do was flat out wrong. If you are a tax payer, you should be disgusted by the waste and fraud that takes place in this industry. Again, I will confirm her whistle blowing video reflects the complete truth. Mr. Harkin, thank you for the work you are doing on this matter. Shut them down soon.

    I believe there was a Doctor Jim Brozek(University of Phoenix online grad) who was an academic dean at Houston North. Not sure if Laura and Jim are related.

    1. You have to read what former ITT Tech employee Dirk Hughes, Western Michigan, had to say about being laid off by them. ITT Tech created a fabricated trail of documents falsifying his work performance and then canned him. Thanks Dirk for further exposing their corrupt corporate structure. Maybe some day Feds will FINALLY shut them down!

  22. I would also join in a heartbeat so would also most of the other people I went to school with. I had join ITT-Tech in 2011 and was told that the bachelors for Criminal Justice was roughly around 56,000 Thousand, Throughout the entire time classes were of little use, resources were of very little use and the faculty was non-existent untill it was time to reup on the loans. I check my loan information beause I decided to go to a Community College to keep going in school (Which does not accept ITT-Tech Credits I might add) and when I started to inform the loans of my attending of a new school I found out ITT has pulled 79,000 Dollars with of Federal and Private loans!!1 The private loans are also pulled from what i can tell is 3 seperate loaners all if which do not consoldiate the loans even in the same loan company!! For SCUC(Student Credit Union Connect *Loan Company*) ITT-Tech pulled 3 Loans out of this company one for 17,000 another for 2,500 and another for 439.00 dollars all around 15% interest. When I called this company and infomred them of my attendance to a new the Lady informed me that they will not do Student Deferment unless I go back to ITT-Tech!!!!! Also that they will not consoldiate the loans into one and each one is seperate! The same has happend to almost all my other college mates. At the graduation with your exit paper work it only shows federal payment of around 56,000 which I figured was ok, but not one mention of the Private loans. I also discovered that They had taken another loan for another smester after my graduation!!! These people are runing lives!! I was ignorant yes I will admit for not doing the additional research but they are taking advantage of the ignorance and using desperate students trying to build a future in order to gain more federal loans (Which is all handled by the school and you never see the money) They are taking out huge amount of Extra Private loans which I come to found out are Debt-Collectors!! I sill have deferment options which I intend to use but this has to end, It may be too late for us but we may be able to help those in the future from falling into the same trap. Over my tenure there 3 teachers were fired, my program the Criminal Justice Degree was nearly abolioshed which students were in the middle of the program and thier handing of the situation was simply outrageous. Several of us are all in the same boat now, with some at 85,000 and other at nearly over 100,000. And why the private loans?? Federal Aid covers nearly 100,000 for school which would have covered everything. They are destroying futures and inslaving people into debt. We need to organize and come up with regional groups that can communicate with each other on this matter. Please if we can get enough people across the nation to rise up against this and make enough ripples in the water we can beat this. They already had to shell out 730M in 2005 for this same exact reason and continue to do it. THIS MUST END!!!

    Please contact me, as I am with several other students willing to fight.

    1. Andrew, I totally relate and empathize with your pain an turmoil on spending a lot of money for nothing. As far as litigation or legal action against ITT TECH all I can say is good luck. They pay as much for their legal staff as they do for those fake success story commercials you see on TV. Even if you manage to get a load of your fellow students on board for a class action lawsuit, your chances of winning is Nil. Research some of the phoney commercials itt puts out and see if the grads are really doing everything the commercial depicts.

      Good luck to you brother and a little about my experiences at a teacher there.

      I am a former instructor (left after one year). My experience was an eye-opener. All of the following were evident:

      — students were numbers
      — there was a lack of quality with the classes and scheduling
      — a vast majority of the students were not there to learn (it seemed) but rather ‘get a degree’ and get the job ITT Tech ‘promised’ them
      — instructors were mostly baby-sitters; we had to make phone calls after the first hour of the class to find out why students were not in class and try to coax them into showing up
      — instructors were rated by the overall attendance and how the students perceived the class (did they like it, enjoy the instructor, etc)
      — students were paying about $45,000.00 for an associates degree and over $80,000.00 for a bachelor degree

      So, as you and others have pointed out, it’s very expensive, not that great, and very few of the overall student population will be doing very well if they only rely on their ITT as their only means of qualifying for employment.

  23. Who are you going to trust for the starting median salary for an itt tech graduate? They don’t much care what the average starting salary is. They do care about all the money that is already in their pockets for the 7 semesters you were there. You, the customer, are left with a 6.8% loan that you might be able to pay back in 10 years with that average starting median salary.

  24. Went to itt tech in Denver when Sheldon Silver and Karen Duffala were there. Silver is a good guy and was a consummate educator but was overwhelmed and defeated by the for profit and retention goals of the ITT TECH corporate culture.
    Never will forget the hot girl in back of class with a perfect ass who orgasmed more than once in class by crossing her legs tightly and swinging them rapidly. She enjoyed the attention and instructors did nothing to keep her from doing it. I think she actually made it with a black guy in the class during an extra long break one night!

  25. I found a good job after graduating from Itt tech in Austin Texas but it had been promised to me by my father only if I graduated from somewhere. They just gave me the degree for showing up. A teacher there was having sex in car with student and did not get fired.

  26. The itt tech in Columbia, South Carolina had some sexy teachers who knew what they were talking about, but I never heard of any of the grads getting a good job with decent starting salary. Quite a few students complained about the Kissem and Sittem attitude of the recruiters and how damned expensive the school was.

  27. There has been talk at ITT Tech San Bernardino in California regarding a tuition investigation by the Feds. Class action lawsuits also appear to be popping up across the country like the following grievance posted at
    I am wanting to start a class action lawsuit against itt tech, they tell people that go to their school verbally they help you find a job when you get out, when all they really do is cause you to mount a ton of debt with a useless piece of paper and no job to show for it.

    I am not the only one with this problem, there are hundreds if not thousands of people in the same boat as I am in and it needs to stop and it needs to stop now!

    need all the former/current students on board to stop the fraud, breach of contract and unlawful trade practices that this school is known for, leaving tons of people with a mountain of debt and no job to show for it.

  28. How does ITT TECH stay in business? They should be shut down for life and be criminally prosecuted for fraud and destroying lives!,

    April 2014

    I go to ITT in Orange California.

    I went in yesterday to sign updated financial aid docs and found out that instead of the $43,000 I was quoted for a BA it will cost $92,000.00.

    The classes are bogus, even the instructors make little comments insinuating same.

    I have spoken to over 10 students and they all feel the same way, they are very angry and disappointed and would like to do something.

    If you can lead to an attorney who is willing to file a class action, I have and will have many more students willing to testify to the same thing, we were mislead to believe the costs were less, the guarantees of being hired even after an AA, etc.


    I signed up to go to ITT in Greenwood, Indiana.

    I went until they dropped the entire criminal justice program and forced us to drive to the 86th st campus. Which I could not do due to my work schedule and family.

    They also had me sign for a private loan which I did not know about until my wife and I tried to buy a home.

    Now I am trying to figure all this out and don’t know where to start.

    I have called ITT numerous of times, even leaving messages for a financial advisor to call and one time got threw said they would send me a email with information then nothing so more and more calling left the dean 6 messages. Finally went up there and they don’t even know what’s going on.

    I am praying to get this resolved for my family and our future.

    I currently enrolled back to ITT Tech in Las Vegas, NV.

    I Started back a few years ago and needed 2 more quarters to finish my degree. It’s been about 3 years since my last class I had and a lot had changed with the curriculum.

    Upon my return, They said that I failed a class that I know I passed, they tole me I dropped that class. Good thing that I kept all my assignments from that class. I told them that I have proof that I passed that class. They did not want to believe me.

    So I got my External Hard Drive… Mind you… The same one that ITT Tech

    First it was my email that didnt work. To which I asked then how we ( the instructor and myself) are able to go into the ‘send’ box and view it. Secondly it was going to the wrong account, third it was the “IT” guys fault.

    It is really hard to accept ” our email is broke ” three weeks into an “accelerated program” as a viable excuse. Especially from an institution called ITT – Technical Institution.

    To add further insult the previous day we were lectured by a faculty member about how we were adults and they were not interested in hearing OUR excuses.

    But the worst of all is they did not teach me one single thing. Lazy instructing by lazy instructors. See ya!

    March 2014

    i went to the ITT in clovis california. I had a hard time passing my classes there.

    They have an accelerated program which is fine. the problem is that they gave me a schedule with the wrong classes on it. it took 2 weeks for them to fix the mistake and by that time christmas break hit so basically i was 4 weeks behind when classes started up again. This round of classes they did the same thing but it only took a week to fix because i was looking for this mistake again. then the dean says she doesn’t believe i can pass the classes and that any other student would have fixed their schedule the first day. as if i’m to blame for going to the wrong class even though they told me to go to it.

    they did have a few good teachers though.the instructors that spoke english as a 1st language were good. the school seemed to have a problem hiring people that speak english as a first language though. my computer class teacher was constantly using the wrong words and when i corrected him it’s like a switch went off. he started ignoring my questions and then started making up stories about how i would yell at him.

    i asked several other class mates and they noticed that he had a problem with me.

    a few times i had to leave early to pick up family members from work or something and he would tell me it was ok. then he would mark me absent and say i just left.

    This is my experience at ITT Technical Institute in Tucson, AZ.

    I was in their programming and software engineering program.

    The introductory programming class was taught by an ITT graduate. He read notes verbatim off of a PowerPoint presentation and then assigned exercises from the textbook. If I asked him any questions, he told me to just look in the book. I complained about him to the director and she told me that it was the student’s responsibility to teach himself the material and that the classes only provided a framework. She assured me that I wouldn’t have to work with that particular instructor again.

    Some instructors were better than other, but this was the general tone of the place.

    One of the later instructors, who was actually a programmer, asked us every week, “Did you write a program today?” I get the point that it’s something that needed to be done every day, but if I’m paying for the course, I expect the school to at least provide assignments that give opportunities to practice what was taught in class and the school did not.

    For the last of the eight semesters, I found out I would once again have the incompetent ITT graduate as an instructor. I realized that I was deeply hating the whole experience, not learning very much from it, and that the junior Associates lite degree I would be earning was pretty much meaningless, so I quit seven-eighths of the way through the program and I am still paying off the student loans for this substandard education ten years later.

    My experience begins off good. Made it through a whole whopping 6 quarters passing everything with flying colors. Took a legal absence. They said come back in 6 months. I was gone for 4 months. When I came back they let me re-register for classes no questions asked and suddenly the worst came upon me.

    They took me to collections before i even got a bill. My program changed, the chair person left, and i was forced online. I can’t even begin to tell you how felt. I flunked a class? One class? Never have I flunked a class ever in my life until then. That’s when I refuted the charges and asked for an explanation. Where were the bills? What where the date of charges? They gave me print outs in the mail. Now I was put on a payment plan. Either you pay by the month or else you can not attend. I said I never agreed to a payment plan but then I didn’t want to drop out because I’d went this far.

  29. Worked at ITT Tech in Houston for three years as physics electronics instructor. Director of school named David Champlin went through at least four deans. They ran off many excellent teachers like Suydam. They hired a police officer from Dallas to be dean. Guy had ego the size of Dallas! One of the fired deans vandalized the campus near Richey road. I don’t know why the government has not closed down ITT Tech. So many poor ignorant kids sign up for classes there and end up much worse off than before they enrolled.

    1. Would you be talking about the Argentine ex pat named Joe Musgrave? I heard he hired on as a Farmer’s Insurance agent in the Houston Area. I did not know he was a police officer in Dallas. I knew him well enough to know he had extreme hatred against for profit colleges. I have to agree with the dude.

  30. Quite a few ITT Tech students have tried filing laws suits or suing instructors for non performance and being inadequately prepared. Those legal actions have failed because ITT Tech will just fire any instructor who adds to their enormous bad publicity. I worked at three ITT Techs in the Houston,TX area. It is a revolving door for teachers and deans. The place is poison! DO NOT work there.

  31. Does ITT TECH offer online Forensic degrees. I know they have an online criminal justice degree that has been marred by ineffectiveness, disorganization, and controversy. Forensics will always be in high demand. Can anybody give some advice on this as a choice of careers?

  32. Teresa Seufert did her best at Remington College. She could not retain staff. The place was disorganized. The bozo who was in charge there emphasized edutainment. He had a retarded kid and hung out at happy hour boozing it up with people who called themselves “teachers”. He bragged about being able to sign up trailer trash from huge metropolitan area in exploitative way.

  33. You have to read the investigative efforts of Kai Wright. She writes about the the exploitative nature of for profit schools against Negroes like Keisha Whatley and Garvin Gittens who each have student debt of around 50K and NO JOB.

    Both of these upstanding African Americans have been gouged by financiers rather than genuine educators.

  34. Everest College and Corinthian college have been exposed for student loan fraud and misrepresentation regarding not being able to find even low paying jobs for their graduates. I worked at ITT Tech in Houston and know first hand that for profit schools are cold blooded rip off machines.

    Tasha Rincon, a poor working mother, earned a degree from Everest and can not even pay for Groceries as she is now asking the government to discharge her enormous college debt on student loans with high interest rates. Miss Rincon, an accomplished photographer, stated she learned more leading a student debt strike than from the incompetent instructors at the for profit school she was lured into.

    Read the lucid exposition of Nathan Hornes for more insight into the extent which uninformed trailer trash are ruthlessly exploited by cold hearted, greedy recruiter driven for profits “schools”.

    1. Rodford Seabolt signed up for itt tech nursing program aspiring to be RN at VA hospital. He took out $66,000 in student loans only to discover his itt tech nursing degree was worthless not qualifying him for VA nursing position. Lawyer Jim Ballinger represents Rodford Seabolt et al in a class action lawsuit against the rogue out of control for profit corporation that has screwed over thousands of unsuspecting victims who were honestly trying to escape trailer park poverty.

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