Just Be Careful with JustCloud


Don’t fall for this scare tactic backup your data solicitation from “Gabriel” of JustCloud.com. This scam was simple enough to spot as I had NEVER purchased a file security license from them to begin with!

Gabriel, who represents himself as an account manager, sent us the email you see with the Subject: Can we delete your files? This would have been hard to do as “Gabriel’s Company” never had my files to begin with. He attempts to frighten Desktop users that they will be vulnerable to fatal hard drive failures, harmful viruses, and accidental deletion of important documents unless they use the JustCloud backup service.

Gabriel is hoping elderly or ignorant potential scam victims will not know the difference between ICloud and JustCloud. BTW ICloud backup and data restoration only costs 99 cents per month for 200 Gigabytes. Don’t be suckered by this hoax which advertises that you can be protected for only one dollar per month. The “deal” is actually $8.99 per month after a $1.00 per month promotion for the first month ONLY!

I did a google image search on Gabriel’s picture which could have been easily photo shopped. JustCloud did a nice job with the bearded countenance of a man who appears technically savvy and possessing customer service skills.

Also countless bad reviews of JustCloud can be found including dishonest advertising, impossible to contact customer support staff, overbilling, unauthorized deductions from paypal accounts, rubbish backup job, and various other criminal descriptions such as those published by Miles Dyson at Twitter which intimates they are a phishing ripoff preying on the gullible.

Fraudulent JustCloud file backup scam
Fraudulent JustCloud file backup scam

The following address for Just Cloud was also provided in the email. I have not verified if it is a legitimate address: JustCloud, 5A Little Park Farm Road, Segensworth, Hampshire, PO15 5SJ, UK


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