Just PAY the IRS what you OWE them


The Optima Tax Relief solicitation email opened with The IRS Writes Off Millions Every Year Through Its Tax Debt Assistance Programs. This would certainly appeal to the kind of people who are financially irresponsible and look for ways to not pay their debt. Also the attempt to gain business merely by publicizing the “secret fact” that the Internal Revenue Service writes of the money owed to them by American worker, is a deceptive way to generate business, helping cheaters and those who have shirked their since of integrity.

Of course they hav a 15 day money back guarantee which only applies to the investigative phase if you read the cryptic fine print. Derek Lakin wrote an inaccurate review of Optima Tax Relief where he stated  their “two-phase resolution program promises to help reduce the overall balance you owe to the IRS”.  Promises suggests guarantee and Derek should be more cautious about putting his name on such an obviously spurious claim! This is not the first time Highya has written inflated reviews of the companies they are promoting.

Read the disclaimer in the ad below that indicates there are no implicit or explicit guarantees about the service Optima provides. Translated: you may be in more debt than you started with after retaining their services. Finally, I have read other questionable evaluations of Mocade Media, LLC in NYC.

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  1. Fernando Borghese, is the chief operating officer of DMS. Digital Media Services owns Mocade Media who specializes as an email marketing entity who produces engaging advertisements hoping to increase the profits of email promotions like the business you mentioned that helps people with overwhelming IRS debt.

    Mocade Media Can only be faulted for not properly vetting the possible deceptive business practices of any companies they represent. Mocade’s mission include innovative initiatives involving actionable data.

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