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As new home owners, we have been receiving quite a few official sounding scam mails trying to lure us into purchasing unnecessary insurance or coverage. The most recent was from KIT Marketing trying to induce us into purchasing mortgage payment coverage in the event of a disability. At the top of the fraudulent snail mail was Attention: Important Notice Complete and Return. Time Sensitive

This “Important Notice” did not originate from our lender, Pioneer Bank, but from a disreputable marketer taking advantage of public records. It promises we will get the same low insurance premium rates forever and never have to take a medical exam. This deceitful missive also promises to refund 100% of premiums paid if insurance is not used by the end of your mortgage. That is easy enough for them to promise since most people do not live in their house until the end of the mortgage! By then, the insurance company, if it exists, would be out of business anyway.

The last promise made by this travesty of an insurance company is that your premiums will be automatically paid if you become unemployed. Please do not be suckered in by this entity that is not affiliated with, endorsed, authorized, or sponsored by any lending institution!

KIT Marketing Mortgage Life and Disability Insurance Scam
KIT Marketing Mortgage Life and Disability Insurance Scam

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    1. Does REO mean your home was purchased at foreclosure auction? I know REO stands for Real Estate Owned and were properties where more was owed on mortgage than home’s market value. In both cases the information is part of public record and bloodsuckers like KIT marketing can run their fraud/scams.

      1. David Valadez of San Jose,CA quit making his mortgage payment on condominium that had lost much of its market value. He called himself a strategic defaulter which is a euphemism for a scofflaw sherking his financial obligations. Nobody forced him to sign on the dotted line. At least he will be punished by a LOW credit score for at least 7 years.

    2. We also got something like this from KIT marketing and thought it was legitimate until we did some research on the web. We concluded that it was legal, but unethical for them create alarm regarding our mortgage where there is none.

      We borrowed from a lender named Brenda McKenzie who seemed honest enough at Valley Bank of Commerce in Roswell,NM. All 30 year mortgages are rip offs, no secret there, that is what is required to get into a house. All you can do to lessen the pain is use your good credit score to get interest rate around 3.3%. Insuring your monthly payments is unnecessary. If you quit paying, bank will foreclose and find another sucker.

  1. So unfortunate you are misinformed. Not only did I purchase the mortgage protection for myself, I also opted for the full return of premium. You can take the insurance with you regardless of where you live. I did not go through a medical exam which was great and much more convenient. I plan on living for the next 20 years and will be able to have free insurance at the end when I receive my return of premiums, however in the unfortunate event I do pass my beneficiary will have more than enough to pay my mortgage in FULL. The insurance company that I chose to do business with has also been in business longer than 130 years and is also an A rated company. This would tell me they will not only be in business for my lifetime, they will be in business way after I am gone. Clearly you did not research or investigate, but only made false statements. The most unfortunate thing about this is not only is your family unprotected, if anyone happens to read this nonsense you could be the reason they are unprotected too. I sleep well at night knowing if I die my house is paid off. Perhaps you should look a little closer at what is your real concern?
    PS… the letter states in bold letters that they did receive this information from public records… your point?

    1. You are obviously employed by KIT Marketing or some other sleezy entity that rips off and deceives honest and hard working Americans. That will be easy enough to verify with your IP address. Perhaps you are the one who labeled the bogus solicitation as time sensitive. People like yourself who can’t do anything else sell insurance or engage in mail fraud. You will eventually be exposed.

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