Life Insurance Ad Mocks Go Fund Me


We found this Safe Net life insurance advertisement in the Hobbs or the Roswell NM newspaper. All life insurance companies profit from accepting monthly premiums hoping their customers will never file a claim by possibly perishing in the same car crash.

SafeNet Insurance desperately attempts to gain attention by declaring that “GO FUND ME” is not insurance. They are hoping that a few more potential customers will notice the well known name of the charitable contributions site.

They hope that enough ignorant people will fall for the pitch you can get insured for as little as a dollar a day! 

They are just being critical of Go Find Me because they did not come up with the idea first.

Life insurance critical of Go Fund Me


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  1. I believe Tom Kuemmerle is the guy trying to convince everybody that Go Fund Me is Not insurance. Parents always told me that people who fail at everything else, sell insurance.

    Notice how Kuemmerle did not put his name on newspaper ad.

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