Life Insurance Companies Just Love Good Swimmers


Anyone who has studied applied statistics is well aware of the actuarial insurance field. Insurers employ actuaries who study elements of lifestyle such as smoking, stressful occupations, family history, alcohol consumption,etc.  as they relate to longevity. Let’s face it,  insurance companies remain profitable by having some idea when you will kick the bucket. That is Texan for dying. So if an actuarial knows enough about you and your nuclear family, he can estimate when you will perish to within plus/minus one month. Scarey and depressing!

This was motivated by the ad you see below which advertises lower life insurance rates for swimmers. If you can swim one fourth of a mile without stopping,  then this particular insurer will give you reduced life insurance rates! This makes sense, of course from a profit motive perspective, because the business will continue to collect premiums from human beings that are alive and healthly like swimmers or other fit athletes.

So from the vantage point of the for profit insurance company the sooner one croaks, the longer life insurance will have to pay out to the decedent’s survivors.

Read the work of Vivian Giang to learn more about this fascinating and lucrative profession ideally suited for intelligent young statisticians.




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