Medical Bill Collecting needs Legal Oversight


Medical bill collecting is an industry full of vultures. Hospitals appear to be no longer legally obligated to divulge how much a surgery or blood test will cost a patient. Ask Gene Cavallo of Angel Fire, NM who got slammed for 150 separate snail mail bills totaling over $40,000 following his cancer surgery after his insurance company would NOT cover much of the cost. Thanks to God for consumer advocates like Fred Nathan who is fighting to make medical costs more transparent and affordable.

Medical Revenue Service, out of Melbourne, Florida,  is a collection agency who works for Lovelace Regional Hospital in Roswell, NM.  Roswell, a town with a very weak, lazy, unskilled labor pool, has a hard time staffing employees who can provide the expertise required to administer the following radiology diagnostic tests:

  • Advanced CT services
  • Advanced MRI imaging
  • Dex Scan bone density
  • Digital mammography
  • Digital X-ray
  • Fluoroscopy
  • MRI
  • Nuclear Medicine

Our uncle went in for an MRI and after waiting over an hour, found himself in a room with someone who had not been properly trained to use the equipment. He felt sorry for the young employee who was trying their best, but was unable to operate the machine. He left without the testing being done, and was shocked to be billed anyway when Blue Cross Blue Shield only paid part of it. So his insurance paid for a portion of a bill for medical service that was never done!!

He called Medical Revenue Service who ignored his claims and continued to send him collection notices like the one you see below. Have any of you esteemed reader received invalid collection notices from this Melbourne, Florida collection firm? Please reply here and I will place you in contact with my uncle so you can unite in some type of class action suit against egregiously exorbitant medical billing.


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  1. MICHELLE ANDREWS, of NPR, wrote about this very issue. Also Ken Altucker, writing for USA today, referenced the number of educators who have battled with Arizona medical-bill collector, Thunderbird Collection Specialists. It’s president, Steven Kaminskas, proved elusive, but paid an $8000 fine after he acknowledged that his collection agency was not playing fair, often engaging in a harassing and threatening fashion when trying collect from broke teachers who were never told what the medical services cost AND continued to get bills for services never competently performed.

  2. Wanted to share experience my family had with Audrey Vega, MD. This doctor was so aggressive trying to put me under the knife that we found another doctor.

    Audrey did not even consult with me before scheduling surgery! We dropped her like a lead weight and found a more reasonable physician in Roswell NM who did not diagnose our condition as requiring surgery.

    Has anybody else has an issue they would love like to share?

    1. Remember that many surgeons carry very expensive malpractice insurance. So they get there “money’s worth” by scheduling high volumes of surgeries knowing their insurance will take care of any botched surgery that may happen.

      I am not saying that is the case with your doctor in Roswell NM, but just wanted to inform you of the possibility.

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