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Duplicitous Car Salesman
Duplicitous Car Salesman

An old truth that I heard frequently when I was growing up was that people who sell insurance do it because they can not do anything else well. The image an insurance agent tries to project is one of concern for the well being of you and your family, but what really drives them is the commission(some of them are salaried, but they will likely get fired if they do not sell a certain number of policies per month…sort of like police officers who have to meet a quota of tickets or citations to make it appear they are doing their job) they get each time they sell a home, auto, or life policy.

It is easy money for them. They will sit across from you smiling while engaging in mindless small talk issuing insincere compliments to you and your spouse all the while hoping you will be distracted long enough to sign on the dotted line so they will get their cut.

The problem with paying monthly premiums for life or home insurance is that you never know with certainty if your wife will get paid anything when you die. What’s worse is that you will not be there to fight the cheating insurance companies when they don’t pay out.

My wife and I have both agreed to NOT buy life insurance because of all the Forensic programs we watch where the wife/husband killed their husband/wife in order to collect a ton of money. We have named each other beneficiaries on all investments we have made and do not want to pay a single penny of our money to insurance companies.

We have a friend in Artesia,NM who is getting up in years and was considering taking out a life insurance policy for his wife who has been a stay at home mother for most of her adult life.

He sent us this screen shot of a Farmers insurance agent in Roswell,NM Facebook page where a little girl holding red roses was leaning against a tombstone marking the place of her parent’s grave. The clear implication was that the little girl’s parents had died without having purchased a life insurance policy for her.

Apparently it was the Farmer’s agent who typed in “Don’t wait until it is too late to take care of your family. Get Life Insurance NOW!” What miffs me is that this agent knows there are people ignorant enough to read his FB ad and believe that he really cares when the agent is really much like a predator who preys on Father’s desire to take care of his family in the event of his untimely demise.

I would think the National Farmers Insurance office would forbid their agents from using FB in this fashion that ruthlessly exploits the emotions of prospective customers. I only hope that most people are discerning enough to see through this fake concern type of advertisement.  Why would you care about the opinion of somebody who will profit from you buying an insurance policy from them?

My hope is that whoever put up this tasteless and exploitative FB page published on December 30th, 2014 will take it down and rethink how they are living their life. I am not trying to disrespect all the Farmers agents in Roswell. Over the years we have had great experiences filing claims with policies purchased through both Bobby Villegas and Craig Duran. Both guys are straight shooters and do not try to psychologically pressure you into purchasing a policy you don’t want or need. They seem to sincerely care about providing you with a policy you really need versus the hard sell you see on this FB page. A guy we know at Grace Church really likes insurance salesmen James Hutchison who went out of his way to give them a good policy based on guys excellent driving record. Hutchison sounds like a principled man who would never resort to the exploitative tactics you see on the FB page below.

Thierry Godard does a helluva job of giving more insight on avoiding being duped by porcelain toothed insurance prostitutes(We all sell out to some extent to take care of our families, but the line has to be drawn somewhere). According to him, most of the confusion regarding insurance is related to deceptive and incomprehensible jargon and lexicon.

Remember, the individual who put this shill on FaceBook takes care of his family by selling you the perception that the policy he sells you will take care of your family when you croak. Keep that in mind the next time you sit across the table or are on the phone with one these smiley BS artists.


Selling Life Insurance by laying a Guilt Trip on Potential Customers
Selling Life Insurance by laying a Guilt Trip on Potential Customers




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  1. I have had some bad luck with insurance salespersons too. Once they get your business they tend to blow you off until it is time to renew policy. I agree with what you are saying about the little girl in the cemetery. That is cold and too pressurized a way to sell something. Its like the agent thinks his clients are stupid enough to fall for it or something.

    1. We saw a google ad that was paid for by Farmers insurance agent Luis Gonzalez of Roswell NM. Could you please contact me sir as we want to switch ALL of our insurance to you guys. We are not happy with our GEICO coverages!

  2. I know Hiller from a few years back on the rodeo circuit. He is good ole boy. I figure he is just trying to make a living but see why you take the picture of the kid standing in cemetery the wrong way.
    Had forgotten Charlie had settled in Roswell that tobacco chewing handsome stud!

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