OH NO…..That is an Insurance Adjuster parked in my Driveway


The following concern regarding a series of GEICO  homeowners insurance adjusters yields some insight into how the world’s largest insurance company “saves its customers money”. Five separate adjusters vistited an elderly man’s Hurricane Matthew ravaged home. Each time the individual adjusters asked the same questions not being aware of the efforts of the other adjusters. This means GEICO saved themselves money by not properly training their adjusters resulting in customer frustration and proving one usually gets what they pay  for

Hurricane Matthew damaged my home requiring the installation of a new roof.  I have had 5 adjusters since this life changing natural disaster with no continuity of handling this claim. The job of finding competent subcontractors has become my responsibility. I specifically asked GEICO about this prior to purchasing policy. I was assured they would completely handle the contractor coordination. Not true!

I am now struggling with finding people to do roofing and carpenter work, and do it with a estimate from their emergency contractor that assessed my damage. This person was going to do the repairs and then they were gone. I have had 2 estimates since with no union with the multiple adjusters. The change of adjuster every month is beyond my comprehension as what constitutes professional conduct. My advice to anyone shopping for coverage is go to a local company and pay a little more for an agent, and save yourself the extreme problems of dealing with someone 2000 miles away that avoid direct questions and real issues that impact your life and wallet.

My daughter who resides in Roswell, NM sent me this picture of a GEICO vehicle parked in a driveway. I only wish I could have warned these homeowners of the egregious isssues I had and am still having to sort out. The leaking roof has caused untold damages as I battle the insurance behemoth for damages and a fair settlement.


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  1. Jose Mike Jimenez was an insurance adjuster and a teacher at ENMU before he started writing for Roswell NM newspaper.

    He writes articles with hollow sounding titles like “Mayoral election will determine city’s direction” which attacked Del Jurney’s list of accomplishments when he was Mayor.

    Jose oddly is miffed that the children of our all American city have to share space with seniors. This is strange on two accounts, Jose is a senior hobbling around cielo Grande park AND property tax paid by seniors fund much of what our kids do recreationally including playing golf at Nancy Lopez spring river.

    Insurance adjusters and teachers often settled into their occupations because they could not hack it in the real world. This makes it difficult for me to see why Jose would think anybody values his opinion on politics or the way the city spends its money.

    His entire logic seems to be Cielo Grande was money well spent because he hauls his old bones around there. Before he earns a readership, he needs to disclose how much property tax he pays to the cause of our city. For all we know, he is just a renter with overinflated view of his opinion.

    1. Jimenez, who appears to be living on a fixed income with a lot of time on his hands, forgets that a large percentage of Roswell’s citizens still work for a living and don’t care much about improving spring river bike trail east of Main Street.

      Jose does not get that alien based tourism accounts for 10-15 % of economic growth. He is clearly writing only from his retired point of view. Riding a bike around town, leisurely grabbing a latte at Starbucks is not a common experience for this low income, poor town.

      Thanks Mike for ratting out NMMI cadets for taking much deserved break in dark area under bridge. Some jealousy from your time employed at ENMU?

      1. Those cadets deserve a break especially the ones with a lot of responsibility in the corps. Some of them like Katie Flurry have hard time with their grades because they give so much to the corps of cadets. She sort of used that as an excuse as to why she was average. Many of the Mexican students who had high ranks could balance their athletics. Lopez, Bianca, and Ramirez were outstanding and also did community work setting better examples than the white kids.

        1. Katianne Flurry is the regimental commander. The RC was an ROTC cadet, but since ROTC cadets are always absent class they gave it to Flurry who is home grown and deserving of the honor!

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