Older Version of Chrome Browser not working at Charles Schwab


I almost passed out when I got the screen you see after logging into my Charles Schwab online account. As you can see in red letters, functionality is temporarily unavailable. I use Schwab for my personal IRAs, investment, and checking account and it has been one of the best decisions of my life outside of marrying my lovely wife.

I have had zero issues with Schwab and believe they are the most reliable, inexpensive ways to manage ALL of your finances. Their investment screening software has put a lot of human stock brokers out of a job.

Back to the point of the article. I kept getting the “not working” screen that you see all day one Sunday so I called their always helpful 24/7 support staff. There had been no reports by any other customers about online services not working. Nervous time….What that hell is wrong? It came to me and the service rep at the same time to switch browsers. I logged into Schwab with Mozilla Firefox and everything was in order!

Conclusion: I had to be using a dated version of Google Chrome. This particular version of Chrome had logged me into my account countless times over the last few years, but I guess the technical staff at Schwab decided it was now a security risk.

Finally, my only criticism of Schwab would be to send back a meaningful diagnostic such as Charles Schwab no longer support this version of Google Chrome.

Charles Schwab Online not working with Google Chrome
Charles Schwab Online not working with Google Chrome

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  1. Just found out that Schwab online is not working with ANY version of Chrome browser. My guess is there are not any fixes that would not involve a security compromise. Still rather strange because I have been using the Google browser for 7 years without any security breeches. Of course, I wouldn’t be aware of some security issues. I would rather use another web browser than pressure Charles Schwab into fixing the problem. Could turn into a power play between Schwab and Google.

    1. I Thought that it was an older version of chrome that did not work so I upgraded to the latest and found that some function like transfer money cause the error reported. I then tried with Firefox and made the transfer without problems.

  2. We have a good chunk of our retirement money in Schwab GNMA Fund SWGSX. It is a fund composed of government securities and it is at an all time low. We have watched $17000 become $16000 in the last few months!! I have not had any trouble with Chrome Browser at Schwab

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