Online Banker desperate for New Customers


Bank of America states they will give you 300 USD to open checking account with them.

Here is the catch: You have to allow them to electronically deposit your social security check, pension payment, or payroll check every SINGLE month until your account totals $4000. THEN you have to wait 60 days for the $300 to be deposited(the fine print below states they will attempt to deposit the $300 in your personal checking account).

Your reward, afterwards will be the MICROSCOPIC interest rate of 0.01%. 

American Express Bank pays a WHOPPING 1.45%(145 TIMES MORE THAN BOA) and you can open your account with SINGLE DOLLAR! Bank of America requires ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!  and they will report your bonus to IRS.

Before you give them your business, also be reminded of the countless number of loyal customers who were charged late fees when their auto-pay failed due to issues on the Bank of America’s servers.

We used to send money to the Philippines  via BOA. Now we do it with Bitcoin which is scaring the hell out of a lot of banks nowadays!! BEAT BOA by getting 18 month(One and a half years!) 0% APR credit card with no balance transfers fees  AND tear up the card. Make minimum monthly payment until you pay it off in full in 18 months.

So many people have been screwed over and ripped off by BOA. Don’t be one of them.

Watch out for this bank of America tactic



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  1. Our bank in Eufaula, Alabama sold or transferred our mortgage to BOA. It was real smooth until we decided to sell the house. We were on hold 95% of the time. We were afraid buyers would back out! Finally got necessary paper work after an inordinate amount of stressful waiting.

    1. Our issue with Bank of America was related to the dreaded PMI insurance which should have gone away after we paid for 20% of our home value.

      More specifically, our PMI was to be cancelled based on PMI flyer distributed by BOA in my mortgage payment received letter. The LTV on my propert got below 80% based on their flyer which means the PMI payment will be DONE WITH and no longer required in our escrow account.

      We had to file a complaint with with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in an effort to get the PMI portion of our payment dropped. BOA would not take our appraisal and FORCED us to pay pay $600 Core Logic to do the appraisal.

      Then BOA switched the Loan To Value from 20% to 25% !!!! We finally got out of it and will never give them a penny of business again!!!

      1. Did you read the article by Kathryn Vasel where BOA is letting their clients into mortgages with only 3% down!!!? AND, they do NOT have to pay PMI. She also wrote that suicides and other non natural deaths can decrease home value

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