A partial remedy to being ripped off by Sprint


Our Sprint Smart Phone Bill for our HTC EVO and IPhone was $206 last month. No not really! Our total bill was reduced $30 to $176 because of courtesy credit that we demanded because the 3G does not work in El Paso, Artesia, Roswell, Carlsbad, Vaughn and many other cities in Southern New Mexico.

We had to call in and threaten to cancel, speak to supervisors, shout and scream until we got 4 consecutive $30 courtesy credits as compensation for non-functioning 3G unlimited data. Oh, did I mention that it does not work in El Paso, Texas either? Sprint will gleefully and illegally charge you for service they do NOT render which puts the burden on the consumer to either cancel or beg for account credit until problem is resolved.

Sprint Phone Service has not worked in this region for at least 3 years, yet they continue to bill their customers for service not delivered. That is stealing which major corporations are party to frequently. They know it is a big hassle for Joe Average to combat them legally. Sprint’s moral compass is to bill away and hope their patrons will just acquiesce and pay the bill without any resistance or legal action.

The most difficult thing to stomach, as you can see in their Monthly Statement, is that they knowingly bill us $110 per month for unlimited 3G data, BUT all we get is a phone that overheats and MAY open a web page in no less than 3 minutes. Forget downloading a JPEG! You have to go home and use your WiFi which does it fast without phone heating up.

Credit from Sprint Cell Phone Company for no 3G
Credit from Sprint Cell Phone Company for no 3G

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  1. Korean cell phone providers are much harder to get credits for bad service than American I think so and same for Chinese and Japan. I think verizon is not so better too so not switch to them not worth it.

  2. We live in Roswell,NM where the Sprint service really use to SUCK very bad! Sprint is NOW the best cell phone network in Roswell. They monitored our usage and actually advised us to pick a new plan that knocked 60 dollars off our bill provided we stay under two gigabytes of data per month. If we go over, it is only an extra $15 per month prorated. I am glad we toughed it out with Sprint. They are even better than Verizon now!!

  3. Crystal Porter, who has a sexy mouth and lips, got ripped off and gouged by Sprint when her phone was stolen in Greece. She immediately reported it to Sprint. They assured her phone had been deactivated, but are still trying to collect over $2000 in international long distance calls made by the thief!!!

    I bet she got a little relief from those sensual Greek guys.

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