Payday Loan Businesses and the People who Slander Them


I was impressed by the candor and accuracy of BRIGETTE MARIETTA , writing for The thrust of her article indicated that many payday loan borrowers are already in a financially critical state and that they are exactly the type of people who will post scurrilous and unfair commentary sometimes even threatening payday loan employees.

One key observation is that anybody who would borrow from a payday loan entity is already, by definition, not EVEN living from paycheck to paycheck! Let’s be clear here…….if you borrow from super high interest rate places, then you are spending MORE than your income just based on the astronomical interest rates forced upon you if want the Dinero. Middle School math indicates this is a BAD idea!

Some of the negative Google search engine results received by payday loan businesses are quite accurate and just, but a higher percentage of the flaming comments and posts are WELL outside the bounds of acceptable social etiquette. These nasty posts are often by ill-informed, ignorant people who did not read the terms of the loan and are mad their credit scores are in the toilet because of their poor decision making. These type of hard case people publish libelous information that make payday loan places look worse than they really are which is very HARD to do!

Thank you Miss Marietta for providing a neutral and effective portrayal of the payday and title loan industry.


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