Preferential Grading as Form of Student Abuse


Student abuse by their teacher is not as prevalent as sometimes publicized. However, when it does happen parents should be quick to document instances of said abuse and act quickly. One of the most difficult types of abuse to prove is unfair grading which is one of the most spiteful ways an educator can mistreat their pupils.

An instructor who “has it in” for a student they don’t like can give them a score of 60 on subjective written work whereas a grade of 85 might be given to the teacher’s pet for the same effort! This insidious and difficult to detect practice is a challenge for a parent to protest to principal or the school board at a higher level.

Legal expert  Kristen Johnson writes extensively about how to combat bully teachers and take legal action in these instances of preferential grading.


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  1. What a thoughtful and introspective article I just read by Oakland California educator ben orlin. He describes a trip to principal’s office where a student tormented by Ben’s constant criticisms had snitched on the aggressive teacher.

    Ben changed his ways realizing what a wreaking ball of an educator he had been! Ben even remembered, scarred for life, how his elementary teacher had ridiculed him for misspelling kitchen when he really had not!

    Ben is a great tutor and teacher for getting that the small cruelties add up and can make the students image of you be forever evil.

    BTW Ben, a logarithm is an exponent. Thanks for what you do!

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