Properly Research Debt Collectors before paying a Penny


Pasi stands for Professional Account Services  Inc. Pasi is very similar to tow truck services that tow vehicles who refuse to comply with parking laws. However, there is a big difference between Pasi and reputable tow truck businesses. Pasi will collect for anybody who will pay them to do so. Pasi does not check the reputation of the biller to verify if the company has a history of sending out bogus bills or if they have a reputation of over billing.

Pasi primarily handles collections for outstanding medical bill in an age where a doctor or hospital can bill you without itemizing the services that were rendered. Oh Yeah, they might itemize on the overpriced medical bill, but it will be meaningless and non descriptive of what you or your insurance company paid for!! For example, we actually got a bill that listed Procedure A,B,C along with subprocedure 1 and 2 for each. Anybody who bills like that should be reported to authorities for fraud as there is NO WAY for bill recipient to discern if the bill is honest or legitimate!!!!

This collection company out of Tennessee will call you or mail you over and over , hoping that you will give in. Pasi needs to be more selective about the entities that they collect for. Anybody can send you a bill hoping that you might be stupid enough to pay it off without properly researching the validity of the bill.

I believe Pasi pays around 50 cents on the dollar to purchase accounts receivables and then makes their money by collecting more than 50%. Not sure about that, but many collection agencies operate that way.

BTW, Pasi grossly misspelled the name of the doctor and hospital that was involved in our medical care. We replied to this collection attempt with a snail mail stating that doctor had over billed us apparently not satisfied with the $400 he received from Blue Cross Blue Shield for spending less than 15 minutes with my daughter! Guess what? Pasi did not reply nor attempt to collect another penny from us.

What does this prove? Many Doctors and Hospitals are lowlifes who will turn you over to a collections agency even though they have already received more than enough money for their services from your insurance company. They are hoping you will just pay without contesting their unfair, overpriced bills!!

Just don’t pay them if you feel your insurance has already paid them enough. If they try to mess up your credit score, report them to BBB and Chamber of Commerce. They will lose patients if the word spreads.

PASI-Account Collector-Hired Gun
PASI-Account Collector-Hired Gun



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