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The sign you see for Regional Finance Loans was partially obscured by the setting sun on this Friday in Roswell,NM. This lender directly to the east of Chaves County Courthouse specializes in auto and furniture loans.

Manager Heather Carrillo has worked generously and honestly with the people we know who have taken out loans from her. Emergency health care costs are not uncommon these days and I believe Regional Finance Loans offer fair interest rates being empathetic with the need for quick cash for medical purposes.

We knew of  guy in Dallas,TX who claimed they intentionally held snail mail check payments he had submitted for over two weeks in order to accrue more interest.  If that is true, they are in violation of the lending law that states payments are considered completed on the date of the postmark!

Other borrowers, not residing in Roswell, have claimed that this particular lender violates the fair trade and debt collection act being very quick to call a tow truck at the first sign of a payment default on your vehicle.

Also, another common complaint is they are not straight up about the payoff amount of your loan meaning that they will charge you a few extra dollars of interest even though one of their representatives quoted you a final payment accounting for ALL the interest.

Finally, I want to reiterate I have heard only positive commentary from locals about this lender. They seem to operate with more integrity and professionalism than some of the many payday loan enterprises that infest Alien City. One of the women I know that attempted to borrow from them had her loan rejected, not because she did not qualify, but because they recognized she had alternative non interest bearing means of borrowing the money. How many payday lenders do you know that would look out for a qualified borrower’s best interests like that?! As usual, I must forewarn all potential borrowers to do their due diligence on any lender you are courting as this post is ONLY based on the experiences of some people I know.

Lender directly across street from Chaves County Courthouse
Lender directly across street from Chaves County Courthouse

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  1. Does anybody know if regional finance loans can do bail bond loans. My son, not from Roswell, got mixed up with some recreational meth druggies down there and I don’t know the city that well. Their website did not say anything about being bail bondsman.

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