Sears A Sinking Ship


Got this weak credit card offer from Sears department store via snail mail. They have to be standing on their last leg and this solicitation did not help their cause in my view.

Their blockbuster offer from Sioux Falls South Dakota committed a critical marketing blunder by including the phrase eligible purchases on their 5,3,2,1 percent points on gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants, Kmart, and all other purchases.  I shredded the paper offer you see just after I took its picture.


We had a bad experience at a Sears Store in southeastern New Mexico purchasing a washing machine. The Samsung device was mounted on a stand that we did not realize was part of purchase price until after they ran our credit card and had an approval code. The salesperson was well aware that we thought washing machine stand was part of the purchase price and kept his lips sealed.


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  1. The Sears Ship just sank in Roswell, NM. They served they city well for many years, but just couldn’t keep up. Dirt Poor Roswell was out in mass getting good deals like buzzards scavenging a carcass! We got a great deal on a work out bike and a leather pair of Sandals! I can remember the the good old days when we would go to Furrs Cafeteria right across the parking lot which has now been closed for around 4 years currently occupied by an Italian food place I think(may have been a medical supply too). That area is becoming more and more like ghost town.

    Everybody, please follow the informed research of Gary Hartwick which support REOPENING Cahoon Park Pool!!

    1. Senior Ian Clayton learned to swim at boarded up Cahoon Park Pool which means around a gallon of his urine was processed there. His sentimental attachment to derelict, unsafe swimming hole not a sound argument for reopening. Who the hell is Billy B. Digger?

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